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Baltimore does have a bad rap, and it is based on the sad reality of urban poverty, crime, and drug trafficking. This plagues all American cities and clearly we need new solutions and we need to work together. The Wire is a pretty honest show. BUT if people are too afraid to enter the city and enjoy its rich history, art and culture, and food, it will deteriorate even more. The city government values tourism and the revenue these places bring. It protects the neighborhoods where you will find these great shops and restaurants. I have never had a bad experience in the city, because I don't live in fear. I'm realistic and take necessary precautions, but I live my life and enjoy my hometown! I walk with a smile on my face like I know where I'm going and I stay out of the worst neighborhoods. It's best not to walk alone at night anywhere, but don't be afraid of Hampden, Federal Hill, Canton, Fells Point, Mount Vernon, or the Inner Harbor. They're too great to pass up! Call me a crazy hippy, but the energy you exude is so important. Don't give up on B'more!

7/27/12 12:15 PM