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I also use the magnetic knife rack for my metal measuring cups.

Genius Solution for Messy Pot Lid Storage: Hang Pot Lids On a Magnetic Knife Rack!
1/7/14 03:41 PM

Two expensive lamps for our living room. The arm of the swing-arm lamp was defective and kept loosening so that it was always angled downward which drove me nuts and it was unfixable (it was also non-returnable which was another lesson learned). The table lamp didn't provide enough light for reading.
We used the lamps for about two years before I gave up on them.

What's Your Biggest Design Regret?
9/24/12 03:30 PM

Knitasha, Do you just put the name of the meal on the sub-calendar for the night of the week that you're going to cook it?

What Are Your Best Meal Planning Tips? Reader Intelligence Request
9/11/12 02:29 PM

I posted this question before we went on vacation earlier this month. Here are the dinners that were made during the week (one by my family, the rest by other families staying with us):

taco bar with guacamole, cowboy caviar, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, salsa, taco meat, soy crumbles, tortillas, and tortilla chips (my family made this based on suggestions here and it went over well)

pasta with veggies and sauce with meat on the side, salad

homemade pizza - 2 meat, 2 veggie, and 2 vegan (with a special crust but I can't remember what they said they made it with)

chicken parm (with vegan chicken patties and no cheese for the vegans), salad, bread

burgers, grilled portabella mushrooms, baked beans, roasted potatoes (the vegans cooked some vegan sausages to round out their meal)

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Can You Suggest Vegan-Friendly Recipes for a Vacation Dinner for a Crowd? Good Questions
8/23/12 09:52 AM

Thanks for all the great suggestions! I eat meat but I eat vegetarian meals all the time (not vegan though). However, there are some diehard carnivores in the crowd so I'm going to have to provide some kind of meat option. A taco bar or pasta are great ideas and lend themselves to having meat available for those who want it.

Can You Suggest Vegan-Friendly Recipes for a Vacation Dinner for a Crowd? Good Questions
7/30/12 04:05 PM