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Thanks so much for all the nice comments! To answer a few of the questions, I bought the credenza on CL for $150. It is solid wood which was the only reason I was okay paying that. When we sanded it down, we used 3 grades of sand paper. First a 60 grit to remove the very persistent varnish and previous stain. Then a 120 to smooth the surface and finally a 220 to ensure any particles and imperfections were gone.
Once the project was all said and done, with the cost of materials, I spent just around $200.
-- Kelley

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3/24/09 08:33 PM

Thanks for all the ideas everyone. These are Milo Baughman chairs. The picture doesn't show the crack super well, but it is actually a tear in the vinyl and thus the stuffing is sneaking through. Also, they are slightly off in one was in the sun more than the other.
So, if anyone knows a nice way to repair a rip or a product that can restore the vinyl perhaps that would be great!

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2/10/09 04:58 PM

Oh for goodness sake. I'm not being entirely serious here people. Of course I can buy a ladder and thankfully as I have no boobs, they will pose zero threat to my changing of bulbs.
I am no vapid, useless priss. There are things it is just easier for a taller person to attend to. Either way, this list is in good fun. I am happily single, love living on my own, and am fully capable of attending to all my own needs. Occassionally, it's just nice to be able to have someone else do stuff once in a while.
Unbunch your knickers's okay to have a laugh at my silly little assured I am quite self reliant and far from stupid.

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1/15/09 03:00 PM

Razz away!
I am not saying that I can't get busy to anything other than tunes off of vinyl...i'm not that crazy....just as someone with over 1,000 records it's something I appreciate and value. Like, you could get down on an Ikea couch....but wouldn't you rather a really rad Barcelona or something more unique?
I guess since I love vinyl and collect it I see where Russell is coming from. I see people who collect records as being very similar to people who love and collect design and unique furniture. You can get your furniture cheaper and in a lesser quality, or if you want to or see the value in it, you can go for the real deal.
Ultimately it's less about a hard rule and more about showing off your interests and values.
In any case, if someone played me amazing music off an iPod I wouldn't walk out.

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12/10/08 05:45 PM

I think what a turntable provides that an iPod or mp3's in general cannot is a warm, high fidelity audio experience. If one is a true audiophile, which I can safely say myself and Russell both are, then a turntable and clean vinyl are about as necessary as having just about anything else.
I think it shows a certain level of pride and attention to detail to have a nice turntable and a decent music collection. If music is your thing that is.
Certainly I find it more interesting than a collection of Furby's.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Top 5 Essentials That A Guy Should HaveWhen He's Trying to Impress A Woman
12/10/08 03:22 PM

oh that a leather handbag you have? how's that dead calf slung over your shoulder feel? pretty good right?
taxidermy, eating meat, wearing leather....all pieces of the same puzzle my friends.
why be creeped out? this way you have pets but none of the expense or mess.

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7/10/08 02:51 PM

hello, kelley here.
i can see your point palmetto and j, however i think its fair to take into account where one works. i happen to work for itunes and i can safely say weirdness, casualness, flippancy, unicorns, star wars lego battleships en mass...all of it is acceptable here. i think were a person to have a cube with regal or some kind of "professional" decor people 'round here would be suspicious. if your industry embraces fun and creativity go for it and whack some unicorns on your cube walls. if not, fair a streamline stapler and matching pen holder and wait for your promotion to come. i'll race you to the corner office.

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7/10/08 02:42 PM