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Okay, my problem with the smoking neighbors really comes from the fact that after smoking on the balcony, they flick their cig butts and they land on my shade canopy below. They've already burnt three holes in the shade sail. And I never see them doing it so that I can ask them to find a trash bin for their butts.

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6/15/09 02:48 PM

the white works alright - and I would DEFINITELY keep the red tile. So much more interesting than the overdone grey/beige tiles. sorry. keep what works!

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8/28/08 02:10 PM

The first floor of my condo was ceramic tile on one half/carpet on the next. I decided I didn't want the tile anymore when I had to rip out the carpets because of a plumbing leak.

Knocking out tile made and ENORMOUS mess of my entire place. Not to mention insane muscles from me slinging the sledge hammer. Very messy.

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7/10/08 02:19 PM