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I recall years ago, in architecture school, a design critic noting that rarely is an older building destroyed and replaced by something better. Apparently this holds true with furniture as well.

Before and After: From Road Find Dresser to Stunning Desk Manhattan Nest | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/13/10 12:20 PM

Thank you! This was such a thorough and informative post: and the many links to what you'd seen were especially useful. Note to AT - consider using this as a model for the ideal design report. I know, I know, it was just another Crate&Barrel store, but the observations were refreshing and the photographs illuminating. Just a solid job of reporting. Hats off!

Cool Design Details at The Room Board Store Opening Washington, DC 6.10.10 | Apartment Therapy DC
6/16/10 02:34 PM

As a prototype, I think this is terrific. There's no reason the window cannot be operable, and problems of heat loss and condensation can be solved by tweaking the detailing. But as a strategy for applying a new window, it's refreshing and very handsome.

Modern Industrial Window Update | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/12/10 04:16 PM

This is an enormously useful post - thank you! Too often we are all beguiled by staircase that are impeccably detailed and handsome to behold, but in fact they pose significant dangers or are simply unpleasant or uncomfortable for everyday use. While I'm not suggesting that shallow or low-grade ramps be used instead of stairs, it does seem that designing stairs that embrace a larger segment of the human and pet population approaches more closely the ideal of universal access. It was refreshing to see that AT can look at designs and offer a critique that moves beyond appearance and, like the boy who exclaimed upon seeing the emperor's "new clothes", gets to the heart of the matter.

Scary Stairs Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
4/6/10 10:16 AM

What an absolute delight! And what a relief from current (or any) design orthodoxy. It is such a joy to behold an environment that reflects genuine and unique personality. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Jason and John's Hyper Saturated Home, Part IHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
2/17/10 12:47 PM

The finest collections invariably involve a total number of objects equaling a prime number. Surely this is why there are 53 state in the Union.

Tip: Display in Odd Numbers | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/11/10 02:46 PM

It's a capital, not a column.

As the critic Lewis Mumford observed, "Alas for a bookish architecture when the taste for reading disappears."

Closeup: Michael David's Column Table | Apartment Therapy DC
12/18/09 04:50 PM

I seem woefully behind the curve: if asked "Is there anything more awesome than a big, dramatic pendant lamp?" I am compelled to answer "Yes". The first encounter with steroidal lighting was indeed impressive but it now seems more appropriate to view this stylistic default less as de rigueur and more as tiresome cliche. I have my reasons: I'm 6'-3" tall and on too many occasions, rising from the table, I've clobbered these mammoth pendants and sent them swinging. I also find the silhouettes frequently dull and when scanning an entire restaurant's dining room filled with them, sometimes think back to the 1950s and beauty salons filled with those enormous lids in which matrons entrusted their hair to dry. These stalactite nose cones are not destined for timelessness.

Large and XL Pendant Lights High Low | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/16/09 10:42 AM

Rob Gomes [above] suggest that one "consider a ventless condensation dryer, and a front-loading washer with a very high-speed spin/drain cycle" and he's right. We just purchased a condo and I discovered after moving in that the washer and dryer were not the enormous boxes I was used to. Instead the washer/dryer and dryer (apparently I have the possibility of drying in both) were totally ventless. After 3 or 4 loads it is easy (and necessary) to empty the accumulated water, but other than that - and a longer cycle time - the results have been impressive. There is a learning curve if one is used to more standard equipment, but given that the alternative would have been no washer or dryer, and given the future utility bill savings, I think I'm going to like these units. The units are manufactured by Thor and from what I've learned they're priced rather steeply, but the real complaint (to the manufacturer) would be that the instruction booklets were either not edited or written and edited by someone truly clueless about the laundry process. These machines are computerized to a point where they're not intuitively mastered and you just have to knuckle down and try to decipher some meaning from the gibberish.

When we're in the country, drying sheets outside on the line is one of the pleasure and blessings of being in a rural area with lots of space and abundant clean air. Sun-dried sheets really are a delight.

Have You Lived Without a Dryer? Survey | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/9/09 11:17 PM

That's it? All that color, all that dazzle, all that, well, all that color again and this is it?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | And the Winner Is... Room for Color 2009
11/2/09 04:35 PM

My partner is insistent on bleeding the hot water pipes every year. Not only has it made a noticeable difference (rooms really seem warmer) but it eliminates the clanging and banging when the system kicks in each morning when I turn the thermostat up to a reasonable point before dragging the dogs out of bed for their winter walk. He also has a passion for cleaning filters in air conditioners. Still doesn't know where the laundry hamper is...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Do You Bleed Your Radiators Every Year?
10/8/09 06:39 PM

Bravo, Piano!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Renzo Piano on Prince Charles Performance Anxiety CERSAIE in Bologna, Italy
10/6/09 10:51 AM

Did someone issue an edict that every side table be festooned with a lamp whose base consists of graduated orbs stacked one atop another? I suppose it bothers me because these bases fly in the face of structural or functional concerns, but the reality I'm just tired of seeing the damned things. It has become so ubiquitous that I look at the movie set mentioned and assume the character who inhabits the space is a mind-numbing slave to midstream design. Then again, I haven't had the misfortune of watching the film. Maybe the lamp is there for a reason.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | On the Set: Love and Other Disasters
10/5/09 10:14 AM

I'm as surprised as everyone else about the success with which you've used orange. It's pleasantly softer than I'd imagine, and I think having dinner in this room would be sumptuous. This was, in the best sense, a real eye-opener.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Randolph's Dusk to Dawn Room for Color - West #3
10/2/09 06:55 AM

That student death is deplorable, but bear in mind that in 2003 (the latest year fully reported), there were 598 homicides in Chicago. At the same time, in Rio de Janeiro, there were over 8,000 murders. That's something to pay attention to.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 2016 Olympics in Chicago?
10/1/09 03:55 PM

I'm not from Chicago, don't live there, but think of it as the architectural capital of the US. And a contender for food capital, too. Chicagoans deserve a chance to host the Olympics, and I believe their city is a perfect venue. As delightful as Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro are, they cannot match Chicago's ability to pull this off brilliantly.

Good luck, Chicago 2016!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 2016 Olympics in Chicago?
10/1/09 03:49 PM

Thank you for this delightful and thorough documentation of a master's own house. This posting alone justifies AT reason for being. Again - thank you.

Apartment Therapy New York | Riihitie 20: The Aalto Family Home, Studio Laboratory House Tour
9/14/09 05:01 PM

This is so lovely, so balanced... so perfect. Congratulations.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Bill Natalie's Serene Treetop RenovationHouse Tour
9/8/09 11:21 PM

This is a terrific solution for providing just enough architectural definition of separation and it won't be mistaken for furniture, a dressing screen or a makeshift room divider. And polycarbonate is can make light magical. If demand could arise to match this thoughtful solution, prices would drop I'd think.

Apartment Therapy New York | Translucent Room Divider System by Dan Forlenza Design Showcase 2009
8/20/09 05:19 PM

I think your idea is a sound one: especially if you like to cook for guests, who'll suddenly be there as your audience. I'd guess the wall is not structural but of course there are the attendant problems of rerouting utilities (there must be some electrical lines in that wall). I don;t have a clue about social traditions in Spain, but must the entry hall be separate from the living/dining/kitchen area? If those double doors leading between the entry hall and your more public space were glazed rather than solid, it would contribute to a sense of greater space. You could still retain the door into the more private bedroom precincts. Given your new, gloriously expansive terrace, I think you're absolutely correct in wanting to give your kitchen just as airy and light-filled a feeling. If I were your dinner guest I'd be keeping an eye on you from either the living room or the terrace, wondering with great expectation at what you're doing and what the next culinary delight will be. And as you preside at your kitchen island you'll be able to partake in the conversation(s) and be at the heart of any evening's surprises. Buena suerte!

Apartment Therapy New York | Removing Wall Creating a Kitchen Island? Good Questions
7/31/09 04:15 PM