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What about a hearty smoothie or green smoothie?
My fall favorite is almonds, whole pear (stem & seems removed), almond milk & a dash of cinnamon.
The combinations are endless and with the addition of nut butters, fruit, hemp/chia seeds it can be a hearty breakfast.

What Are Some Good Breakfasts Without Grains or Eggs? Good Questions
10/2/12 06:27 PM

Quinoa is a staple in our home. I found the trick to fluffy quinoa is 1 cup Quinoa to 1 3/4 water. However, I"m going to try the toasting tip as well. I almost gave up on it when every batch was coming out soggy.

How To Cook Fluffy, Tasty Quinoa Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/1/12 09:08 AM

Pasta with Kale Pesto & Roasted Butternut Squash, Melissa Clark NYT. Worth the work on this one. It's a keeper.

Hello, Fall! Make a Tasty Dinner with Butternut Squash Ingredient Spotlight
10/1/12 08:59 AM

Apple pull apart bread looks delicious, my mouth is watering!

Ham and Broccoli Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Plum Upside-Down Cake Delicious Links
9/24/12 11:14 AM

We come back from our CSA pickup with multiple pints of blueberries. We have to be creative to use them up as quickly as possible.

Some of our favorite ways to use them:
-Raw Berry Crisp (toss berries w/ maple syrup, make topping with raw pecans, walnuts, date & cinnamon topping)
-Blueberry Cobbler with Quinoa Oat Topping
-Freeze for smoothies
-Blueberry Oatmeal
-Blueberry pancakes with blueberry compote

Summer's Roly-Poly Superfood: Blueberries Ingredient Spotlight
7/5/12 06:34 PM

We love, love, love our Blendtec. After doing copious research we decided to go with a Blendec, mainly because it fits under the counter. We had a Cusinart before purchasing the Blendtec, can't even compare to what we have now. We couldn't make basic smoothies without unclogging it multiple times. Each use was wrought with frustration. Asta la vista.
We use the Blendtec everyday mainly for smoothies, almond milk, ice cream, hummus and on and on and on.
My only complaint is the carafe. We purchased the larger version which isn't good for making smaller batches. But that's where the Magic Bullet comes in!

Best Reviewed Blenders For Summer
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6/3/11 09:48 AM

I've had great success with the original Babycakes cookbook, it's also vegan but still tasty!

How Can I Make a Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Birthday Cake?
Good Questions

5/16/11 11:30 AM

A good portion of my freezer is filled with Bob's flours. I was JUST thinking of him and wondering what he was like this weekend while baking with his All Purpose Gluten Free baking mix. Long live Bob and his Red Mill.

Good Company, Good Man: Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill
The Washington Post

5/2/11 04:39 PM

I like to add a base layer of leftover grains: quinoa, wild or brown rice. And a mild sea vegetable like arame or crumbled tempeh bacon for a veggie option...yum!

Croutons to Pine Nuts: 10 Favorite Salad Add-Ins
3/15/11 12:37 PM

I have a similar recipe, they are a staple in our household, great for breakfast or healthy snack. I prefer using coconut oil instead of canola, less refined and adds a butter like richness, even the NYT is signing it's praises:
And I use Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour + 1/4 tps Xantham Gum for a gluten-free version.

Cookie Recipe: Life-Changing Vegan Thumbprints
3/4/11 04:51 PM

Yum, always looking for a new way to use beets and sounds like the protein & fiber in the tahini will help buffer the high sugar content of the beets.

Recipe: Tahini Beets
3/4/11 01:39 PM

I would adapt the Feasts and Fotos recipe by using nut milk or coconut milk in place of the milk & yogurt and a diced madjool date added to the pot during cooking-YUM. And granola on top is a GREAT idea, one of my favorite hot cereal toppings.

Looking for a Sweet Quinoa Porridge Recipe
Good Questions

2/23/11 03:51 PM

I also love the look of bulk items in Mason jars. I supplement them with stackable plastic storage tubs from Ikea (they come in three great sizes)
and even more fun to is to recycle glass jars from mustard, jam, sauce etc. And Avery makes good removable labels that come in handy for grains, chili, etc.

Storing and Organizing Bulk Foods in a Small Kitchen?
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2/22/11 05:25 PM

As a self-proclaimed "foodie" I have a hard time with the foodie sect that has a single minded devotion to flavor & taste and pays no mind to where the food has come from or how it was produced.
I'm sure bacon wrapped veal stuffed with foie gras is delicious with imported tomatoes from Scandavia. But would to be as appetizing if the consumer witnessed the process that got it to the high-end supermarket? Believe me, I'm happy that cooking and food is now considered a hobby but it wouldn't kill us to think about the effects of what's on our plate once in awhile.

Are Foodies Single-Minded?
2/22/11 10:54 AM

I cut small squares and place them under the legs of my bed & couch to prevent the furniture from sliding all over the place. Very helpful under the wheels of a metal bed frame, even when you lock the wheels they still slide on slick surfaces.

Around the Kitchen: Creative Ways to Use Non-Slip Liner
10/27/10 02:02 PM

I planted Rue in my summer herb garden and wasn't sure what to do with it. I was planning on adding it to the compost bin it at the end of the season. Perhaps I should try replanting in a small pot that lives on the kitchen counter near the fruit bowl. Anyone have luck growing Rue indoors over the winter? (I have southern exposure in the kitchen).

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Tips: Repel Fruit Flies with Rue
9/30/08 08:14 AM

Looks like a vintage headboard to me. Perhaps the Company Store can refer you to the prop stylist, they may have more information. I understand the obsession-I've been looking for a good vintage headboard for a long time, they are tough to find.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Can Anyone Identify this Headboard?
7/10/08 12:28 PM