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This post just made me so happy, I had completely forgotten those. Thank you!!!! *We had such cool toys in the 70's and 80's!!!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fashion Plates
4/16/09 06:51 PM

I have looked in the original post and comments and cannot find information on the green chair displayed in the top photo, I love it! Does anyone know anything about it?? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 8 Simple, Modern Holiday Craft Projects
12/12/08 11:14 AM

I have a little red dustpan and brush for daily use, I guess that's old fashioned, but it's less wasteful.

It seems really un-sustainable to clean everyday with a mop or a microfiber (throw away swiffers too, obviously) that have to be washed. I'm all for cleanliness, but I thought the goal was to waste/use less......

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Cleaning Tip: Stay On Top of It
9/17/08 01:53 PM

And, like the photo, if you air-dry your clothes, you save energy and extend the life of the fabrics.......

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Easy Green: Lighten Up on Laundry
7/29/08 07:41 AM

I agree with all the SATC naysayers, enough already, but I must admit, an engagement closet is definitely better than a conflict diamond (assuming it was sustainably done)!

Apartment Therapy New York | Sex and the City: The Closet Clincher
6/3/08 12:12 PM

Second that Doogie, a lot of the prices were crazy, mainly for the 'flea market' items, e.g. the furniture. I did, however, encounter a few displays (e.g. Merchant Army and Saipua) that were lovely, it was inspiring to see their design sense.

Apartment Therapy New York | Inaugural Brooklyn Flea Market 4.6.08
4/7/08 08:30 AM

Oh, and I really I hope I'm wrong about this.....

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: New Family Home #2
11/30/07 05:42 AM

I guess they can't admit they're moving, because then they would lose their rent stabilized original apartment, which they said they would never let go. If this is true, I think it's really selfish (and thought so when the intention was originally posted) to hold on to a rent stabilized place that is obviously not necessary.

I think the new place is great and hope that you can live happily there, but hope you realize there are people that need a rent stabilized flat to live in, not just as a luxury extra.

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: New Family Home #2
11/30/07 05:41 AM

These are the Original BTC lamps and I can tell you they are really good quality!!! I love mine!!

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Colorful Glass Lamps at Marston Laninger
11/5/07 08:31 AM

Sorry, but that's the way it is, you have to do the work, the grueling work of pounding the pavement, looking at disgusting places, dealing with useless brokers who want to rent you a dump for tons of money, BUT then at the end of all this exhausting discouraging work, you find your lovely Manhattan gem. It happened to me, right at the point when I wanted to give up. It's like a test, so just stay hopeful through everything, that is, if you really want it!

Apartment Therapy - Evergreen Question: Amazing Tips for Finding an Apartment in NYC?
10/10/07 09:49 AM

Great design and idea (and as a swimmer, I LOVE it!), but how can this be in the same league as the Lifestraw? Of course this is less relevant than a better way to make water potable. Now that's a great design with a tremendous impact!

Apartment Therapy - The Floating Pool Needs Your Vote
10/8/07 10:59 AM

The carpet is by Orla as well, it's a signature design.

Orla Kiely's Photo Styling
8/8/07 11:56 AM

I thought the point of the bags was to attract the attention of people who never think about sustainability at all. I see that happening, I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm all for anything that can reel in these people and their careless consumption.....

On Hindmarch Canvas Bag Madness
7/19/07 04:29 PM

Amazing, thank you for sharing your space, it's inspiring! I would love to know who designed the pillows on the green sofa....please :)

House Tour: Joshua and Raphael's Modern Salvage Love
7/17/07 11:37 AM

Amazing, thanks for posting! Could you post more info on the edition you found, please (The link displays nothing)?

The Silent Butler
7/10/07 11:28 AM

Sounds and looks great, could you share the info for the plates please, they're beautiful?

Recipe: Golden Oat Pancakes
5/4/07 02:17 PM

The kitchen could use more work: The area to the left of the oven looks hodge-podge, spend some time making that area look as cohesive as the areas depicted in the other photos. Put your appliance on a wall-mounted shelf and push the cabinet to the wall maybe....I'm surprised you put this photo in your submission.

#36 - Meg's Everything In One
5/2/07 03:24 PM

I'm amazed to see an entry that possesses absolutely no originality. Sorry but, this competition should be about design rather than catalog shopping.....

#29 - Lex Lynn's Modern Haven
4/27/07 04:36 PM