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Here's the quick and dirty.

Judging by the form of the roof, mainly that pitch change in the original structure, that wall at the kitchen could very easily be structural. I'm not a registered architect, and if you want to take out that wall you should consult one please for safety reasons.
Remove the bathroom door that's in a bedroom, fill the wall with 2x4 framing and drywall to patch it. Take out the current wall between the bathroom and the kitchen and put up a new wall 18-24 inches farther away from the bathtub giving you room to put a sink in the bath. Put a door in the new wall so you no longer need to go through bedroom. Here's the splurge. Get rid of the upright fridge and get an under-counter refrigerator, and put it under the counter at the dining room end of your kitchen. It's a cottage so you might not need as much storage space.

Remove the window that looks from the living room into the dining room and the wall underneath the window and a little above the window, so this becomes a passageway between the spaces. Remove that extra little bit of wall that is in between the dining room and the kitchen. The part that is touching the cabinets. More visual connection.

If you can take out that kitchen wall, put in a peninsula. A building inspector can also tell you weather or not that wall is structural. If it is not, (but, i bet it is) then you can take that wall out yourself and put in a new peninsula. and get more kitchen storage.

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6/17/09 05:54 PM

Interesting, I've thought of putting the TV in our non-working fireplace, but I just haven't been able to go through with it.
Ironicly up until this last century people gathered around the glowing roar of a hot fire, today people gather around the glowing roar of the hot TV. This makes the transformation complete.

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3/28/09 11:08 PM

oohhhhh i would love it.

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