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Perhaps our dismay at having the holidays introduced SO EARLY has more to do with how fast life seems to go the older you get. It seems we've barely packed away the beach towesl and it's time to jump into fall and before the pumpkin can rot we need to put up the Christmas wreaths. Push, push, push. Not wanting to see holiday decorations so early is a way we push back -- "stop rushing me".
I think we should take our cue from the kids. Haven't heard a single kid complain about decorations going up too early. They LOVE to live in anticipation of upcoming events and enjoy every single one of them when they come -- perhaps all the more so for having waited FOREVER for it to come.
Remember counting down the 25 days until Christmas -- used to be each day felt like 10 and now they flash by in an instant. Living in the moment is wonderful, but anticipating those special moments is a big part of the fun as well.

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9/17/08 07:27 AM

when I first saw the bottle I thought it was covered with bangle bracelets and I thought -- hey, what a great way to organize your bracelets. But alas, it was not that at all. I would never buy one of these items but could be a fun "craft" to try sometime. On second thought, I'd never actually display one of these items so not worth the effort of making it. But, I do think that a glass bottle is a cool idea for storing bangles on your dresser top.

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7/9/08 11:52 AM