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There are almost two million people in the KC metro area. That is not a small town, and if you think it is "flyover country," then you might as well think the same thing about Chicago or Saint Louis or Denver. If you do think that, just land sometime in one of these places and look around. We are really quite civilized.

The "West Side" (of downtown) is lined by Mexican restaurants and shops/bakeries. The food is authentic in many, and are quite reasonable.

Lulu's is a Thai restaurant close to the Liberty Memorial that has great food and specializes in Thai street food.

Plaza III is truly a world class steak house.

Grunauer, in the Freighthouse District close to Lidia's, is an Austrian restaurant that makes your taste buds think they are in Salzburg.

The shopping and eating are probably the best things Kansas City does (although the tailgating at a Chiefs game is something to behold and often more entertaining than the actual game).

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7/25/12 04:53 PM