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I vote cochins! They are big, beautiful, friendly as can be, and a joy to have around. Not as good a layer as some, but still farily steady. Here's our Cochin hen Liz Lacey

Gardening With Chickens: Best Backyard Breeds
The Gardener

7/26/12 11:27 AM

I keep three hens in Brooklyn and have been having a wonderful time. My neighbors help watch them when we go on vacation and they are endlessly entertaining. It's wonderful to have eggs that you know precisely what they contain. No antibiotics, pesticides, etc. Just the occasional bugs, anything they can find growing in the yard, and of course organic chicken feed. Here's a video of mine this morning...

Real Life Backyard Chicken Advice from Experienced Chicken Owners
7/26/12 11:25 AM

Backyard chickens are wonderful! I keep three beautiful hens in Brooklyn. They were recently interviewed for TV Tokyo.

One Family's Story: Keeping Chickens in LA
7/26/12 11:20 AM

I have to disagree that these chickens are inevitably free-range and well-raised. Silkies in the US are generally kept as pet or show birds. It's rare to see them available for meat outside of Chinatown markets. Anyone who thinks most of the poultry available in Chinatown lived a happy cruelty free life is delusional. Animal cruelty abounds in these markets, especially the live poultry markets that many of these birds come from.

What's the Deal With Black Chickens?
7/25/12 02:34 PM