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Love it!

Clare's Logan Square Collection House Tour
1/4/14 10:20 PM

Yes, it's at's a little hard to tell who's doing what: "My mom is insisting on cooking a lamb instead" - meaning SHE'S doing the cooking? Or is she insisting that YOU cook it, despite that fact that you don't want to? If you are the host, then you get to plan the party. Period. If you don't want to mess with the expense and hassle of lamb, let your mom hear your NO and make her respect it. That can be tough with mothers, but a daughter's "no" is just as absolute as anyone else's! If it looks like it's going to bring on a temper-tantrum that she'll turn into a family-feud, then switch gears and encourage your Mom to be in charge of her own 'insisting'. But have her do her lamb somewhere else, and be out of your hair until dinner time! ON the other hand, even though this is really YOUR party at YOUR house, it's also important to take other folks' preferences into account. Ask around and do a little survey of your guests, ESPECIALLY the folks returning from abroad. You may be really surprised to find out the things they missed and would love to have at dinner! It could be the most interesting, memorable, slightly hodge-podge meal ever, with their unique requests!!! But above all else, plan an enjoyable meal for you to prepare, cook and serve. Just like with Mom, encourage anyone passionate about a certain dish to contribute it themselves and/or join you in making it. Less work for you, and more variety and fun for the whole family. Some of the best times are in the kitchen together! ;)

How Can I Make Thanksgiving Special When My Family Hates Turkey? Good Questions
11/12/13 11:54 AM

Just as many above have noted, the entire "Apartment Therapy" part of apartment therapy seems to have gotten lost! Now everything is only from and about the ultimate elite, professional designer and/or architect: their lofts, large homes, expensive products, and fancy warehouse work-spaces. I often get frustrated by the absence of practical, REAL budget-friendly, common-sense ideas and simple design (NOT designer) approaches. These days, I scroll through, but often leave the site entirely without even reading any articles. If I need real ideas and inspiration, I either head to the kitchen section, or go back to the ancient tours - when the wee little rental apartments, tiny condos & town homes, and SMALL houses were the product of 'real life' normal day job folks who just had a wonderful knack for working with their challenging spaces. I would greatly appreciate a return to your roots - real life home 'therapy' for apartment renters!

What Would You Like to Hear More About?
10/24/13 12:55 PM

Those are fantastic wood and black dressers. Where do they come from?

Lauren's \"Crisp, Calm, and Bright\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/24/13 11:59 AM

Love it so much! I don't know if you can upload another picture, but I'd adore seeing your "mexican tile" project up close. <3 May I steal the idea for our house, too!?!

Kristen's \"Colorful Resort\" Room Room for Color contest
9/6/13 12:26 PM