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Lots of good suggestions already but here's what I would do:

Move the large rug to the dining room and get a smaller one for the living room to cover up the carpet and show off the lovely wooden floor.

Get rid of those little chairs or use them somewhere else, maybe a bedroom? Then you can bring them out if you really need them.

Consolidate the book shelves as theres a lot of unused shelf space. Perhaps use the tall one in the dining room for display. You could put the TV on top of one of the other book cases and use the TV table as a coffee table instead of the folding one.

Take down the wall hanging in the dining room - it's too dark for the space. Get rid of the corner desk completely, use the square table as a desk and the round table as a dining table.

Swap the sofas around and shift the white sofa over a little using the space left from removing the desk. Have some space left around things and try not to fill every little space.

Finally, put that plastic box away. There seems to be a lot of storage space but all visible, like open shelves. A nice low sideboard could work in the dining room for storing little things and clutter. It could go against that back wall with a big bright print above it.

All that said your living room looks lovely and cosy!

Arrangement Ideas for My Apartment? Good Questions
7/25/12 06:59 AM