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I had that Mona Lisa doormat a few years back. I loved it, but unfortunately, those "fade-resistant" dyes only lasted one season for me.

Welcome Home: Fresh & Modern Door Mats
4/2/12 09:18 AM

I think it's great and really envy all the white. I couldn't live that way, I need a bit more warmth (and color) but this definitely appeals. Nice to see a place that is simple and clean, not every space filled with something.

IKEA Designer Francis Cayouette's Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/12/10 04:01 PM

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love the art above the table.

Apartment Therapy New York | Eve's Atomic Mod Kitchen Room for Color - East #11
10/7/09 04:04 PM

I love the green office the most! The rest of the house looks great too (even thought I wished for more bright colors).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 888 Square Feet of Hillside Midcentury Living
9/12/09 04:59 PM

In my first apartment I put mirrors as a backsplash. It was a tiny galley style kitchen at the back of the apartment (far from the windows and any natural light). They really helped bounce some light around and make the space feel cozy as opposed to it's previous depressing state.

Apartment Therapy DC | Unconventional Mirror Use Done Right
9/12/09 04:55 PM

Some seem to be working under the assumption that everyone LIKES vintage. If you like what you find at your local thrift or antique store, great.

Not everyone feels that a mid-century sofa and an Eames chair (generalization, I know) constitutes that be all and end of interior design. But this subject fuels the flame of superiority for those who do...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Ethics of Shopping Cheap
7/10/09 08:23 AM


I read AT, and ReadyMade... and I live in Des Moines. Don't hate the no-coasters!

Also, if I'm not mistaken, Blueprint has been long gone for a while.

Apartment Therapy New York | Shelterquake: Country Home Folds ReadyMade Moves to Iowa!
1/9/09 07:46 PM

We just installed to Hunter Sonic fans in our bedrooms. But in the brushed nickle finish... which I like much more than the white. One with light wood blades and the other with black blades. I love them.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Ceiling Fans
7/8/08 12:31 PM

I guess I'll be the odd one out. I love it and bought it this weekend. It'll go great with my chair from Urban Outfitters. ;) Oh, and I love the yellow. It was the deciding factor on buying it. More furniture should come in bright colors!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Trollsta Sideboard from IKEA
7/7/08 12:13 PM