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You have WAY to much stuff...Get rid of the orange couch, move the white couch to that wall in front of the TV. Get rid of the corner desk, it's cheap and hideous. Get rid of the rectangular table in the dining room. That round one w/ the red chairs is a gem. Get rid of the light colored book shelf next to the desk, it folds up right? It's crap. The little table with the lamp-gone. Maybe mount the TV on the wall. Your problem is you have too much stuff. Anything that is low quality should be tossed.

You do not need to go go out and buy more stuff. I don't know why anyone would suggest that.

I only buy things for my one bedroom apartment that is of good quality that I would maybe like to keep forever. I have been there over three years and it is still a bit sparse but it's better than having it filled with crap that I would never even be able to re-sell.

Arrangement Ideas for My Apartment? Good Questions
7/24/12 06:14 PM