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i took a train from milan to venice, had the seats that fold down into a giant bed in mini carrages a-la harry potter style, was very cosy.

Sleeper Car Chic
7/11/11 09:21 PM

i have a magazine rack next to my toilet, i never "linger" in the bathroom, and its really for my husband who has extreme tummy issues, so he is in there alot. i pick ups and flick through, but mainly just look at the pictures, or read the odd game review. have been known to play sudoku in the toilet too, get over it, its just poo, everyone does it. germs = good immune system.

Bookshelves in the Bathroom
5/11/11 09:41 PM

its a yay, we had one when i was a teenager in my mums house, 2 teenagers, 2 adults and 1 elderly, with 1 shopping trip and week (and every other day a milk run) worked just fine.

but admitantly, this is in the uk, where most ppl dont have huge fridges so mayo doesnt come in half gallon jars or anything like that

Under Counter Refrigerators: Yay or Nay?
3/23/11 11:46 PM

as long as they arn't hurting anyone, who cares what other people like? u'd be disgusted if somebody was talking about u that way for something u enjoyed.

Network Monitors: The Next Step After A Firewall
2/11/11 12:29 AM

definatly agree with above, i work in CSR, and if u ever start blaming me for a mistake i didnt do, thats where you loose me. being mad at me isnt going to get you anywhere, but i would suggest telling a CSR the situation, give them what u want the end result to be, and then negotiate.

for me, escalating to my supervisor is only going to make it worse, they ask us what we have offered you and will deliberatly give less, to make it clear escalating isnt the way to go, so they dont think each time they call in the need to escalate to get what they want.

also, really learn to haggle, when i make my first offer, dont jump to the supervisor (as previous statement) this is where we negotiate!!! we can only do so much anyway, we cant give everything for free for 1 minor mistake, even if it is our fault.

p.s- i work for a major cell phone company, everyone hates us, but to be honest, its not a necessity to life, u can deal without it.

Haggling With Customer Service When Things Go Wrong
2/11/11 12:24 AM

i'm getting fed up of people with "whats this got to do with blah blah blah" the thing i like about AT is its not just constant design, only so many posts of bathrooms, living rooms and stuff before it gets tedious. i enjoy the little breaks of extra semi relevant info.

get off ur damn high horses and holyier than thou attitudes and save it for nagging your poor hen picked husbands. we don't care if u like or dislike this post!

Glenn Shadix 1952 - 2010
9/9/10 04:11 PM

I moved from the UK to the US 3 years ago, i still have my UK bank account over there (yay thanx mum and dads house) but its my incase of emergency fund or "omg the exchange rate is amazing lets shop" fund.

i had 2 suitcases packed full of clothes, a few books, sketch pads, portfolios, ornaments (wrapped in bubble wrap), and even limited edition prints (all pre-appaised and insured, strapped to a slim bit of hardboard at the bottom of the suitcase), also all documents in hand luggage. i took my pc apart and removed the case to make the shipping in a smaller box cheaper and sent that before i left, and beat it here as it went by boat. everything arrived in tact, might move back to the UK in a few year tho.

i'd recommend living abroad.

Preparing For An Overseas Move
8/18/10 11:49 PM

u lot complain too much, before you click on something u can read the initial sentences of what the article is vaguely about.

i particularly found the concept of different sheets fascinating, as my hubby is like sleeping next to furnace made of skin. He also has a great trick of getting out of bed delicately and taking the dog with him so she doesn't wake me up, goes and makes my cup of tea to wake me up with it. but i have a weird way of knowing he isn't in bed any longer or if he's out of bed for a while or comes late, as, since we have been living together, i have nightmares when he's not in bed with me. no idea why or how, any one else get this?

Sleeping Together for the First Time
8/18/10 11:36 PM

$567 for 1 bedroom 760 sq ft in Greenville, SC, within walking distance from restaurants and mall, in a brand new apartment building. seems about average for the area.

when i lived in the UK, i had £290 on a 500 sq ft 20 mins walk from Leicester city center in a great restaurant and shop area. was a 1 bedroom victorian terrace conversion on the ground floor.

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/17/10 11:25 AM

I can't wait for Habitat to open over here, I miss them so much.

8 Parisian Apartments That Inspire
8/1/10 08:45 PM

Bruce Lee and Rammstein. Now its just mainly Audrey Kawasaki and James Jean.

High School High Design: Whose Face Was On Your Walls? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/7/10 03:58 PM

i wanna kick one over! also- faulty towers as a title? u do realize i was expecting to see at least 1 picture of john cleese in here, /disappoint.

Faulty Towers: 'Ephemicropolis' by Peter Root | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/28/10 12:41 AM

its all a bit same-y, i liked the kitchen tho... i've never seen so many shades of beige.

Sneak Peek: 2010 DC Design House Chevy Chase, Maryland | Apartment Therapy DC
4/2/10 08:21 PM

i love nudes, i have drawn tons of them, i even considered posing nude (but the college wern't looking for models, weird) and have had some bouts as a stripper. its the human body, everyone has one, everyone has seen one, whats the issue? plus, its art, but i find when i was drawing a lot of nudes, once you've drawn 100 penises you just see them as another shape rather than what they are, but i still enjoy the form and accuracy of a decent drawing, and the abstract ones even better.

The Proper Place For Nudes | Apartment Therapy DC
3/20/10 12:52 AM

Black! Screw you parent's that say I always look like i'm going to a funeral, its my personality color!

I love black clothes, it goes with everything, i like black accents as it makes things pop a bit for me, i dont think you have to live in a room of it because its your color tho.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
3/11/10 06:43 PM

it looks like Hero Quest exploded in this room, /love

The DIY Attic DD Gaming Room | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/10/10 07:44 PM

whenever we would redecorate when i was young, on the bare walls we were given markers and a day or so until the paper or paint was ready to go on, we'd graffitti up all over the walls. my brother once did life size cartoons of everyone in the family in when we did the living room. makes me think of what people thought of it the next time they redecorated that room after we sold it.

Lost and Found Under Peeling Paint | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/23/10 05:24 PM

OMG my home town of Leicester in the UK is 54th! its mainly because we r 99 miles from London and have regular trains all the people who commute to London live in Leicester because (supposidly) the houses are cheaper, when apprantly they arn't.

I miss Leicester tho, nice place, everywhere u want to go nice and close without being so huge u have to treck across town to get to where u want to be.

Housing Affordability: How Does Your City Rank? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/3/10 08:58 PM

a 10 year old 3/4 length black nyson low cut t-shirt that used to have a glittery dragon on it, now its just black :( and a pair of abercrombie jammie bottoms, or short bottoms. husband- a white t-shirt and boxers.. boring.

Survey: What Do You Sleep In? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/29/10 02:23 PM

if u find this picture alienating and distracting, how the hell do u deal with your everyday lives? can 1 picture of a female really b that offensive? its not like shes naked draped all over the bed with her legs open. she is wearing clothes, clearly on a low bed (what the post was on about).

please lets not make apartment therapy into some pretentious art forum. i like casual, and will please people stop using "one" instead of me, my or I. The only people that pompous enough to even get away with it are royalty, anyone else it just sounds stupid in my opinion.

back to the post, i used to sleep on a mattress on the floor, until i had an "Aliens" moment when just before i fell asleep I saw a spider the size of a cow scuttle across the floor a eye height. never again. now i sleep a clear 3 feet up.

How Low Can You Go? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/22/10 09:02 PM