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@Peregrina Love this! Makes sense to me. I think this might be the first or second V Day for one of our couple friends, but I think the veterans might appreciate it ;)

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January Cure: Assignment # 8

1/13/14 08:16 PM

@lesova I had considered having the party actually on V Day too. I would like it, but I worried maybe others would have more romantic plans. Maybe it could be early enough for cocktails and they could still make dinner reservations later? I guess I'll just ask them and find out :)

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Get-Together Together
January Cure: Assignment # 8

1/13/14 08:14 PM

I'm thinking about hosting a Valentine's Day related party and inviting 3 other couples over. When would you guys recommend having it? V Day is on a Friday this year. Is Feb 9th (Sunday) too early? How do weekday parties turn out?

Keep Yourself on Track: Get a
Get-Together Together
January Cure: Assignment # 8

1/13/14 01:48 PM

thank you so much for posting this. the white residue has been driving me nuts! i can't wait to try the vinegar solution.

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2/25/10 10:48 AM

my everyday indulgences are incorporated into my beauty/hygiene routine. though I probably don't make the healthiest decisions throughout the day with the foods i eat and the amount of exercise i get, it feels good to start and end my day with my grooming rituals. i spend a little extra money and take extra time to look for unique, good smelling bath products with quality ingredients. they make your ordinary routine a little special and your body healthier. my recent favorite bathroom indulgence--a waterpik! i enjoy giving myself professional service treatments at home. it feels like i just stepped out of the dentist's office from a cleaning every day!

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3/25/09 10:05 PM

i too spread it out over the week. i made an interpretation of the chore chart for my iphone. i have a ToDo application where I have recurring reminders setup to remind me of what i need to do every day. i combine that with catching up on my favorite TV shows. during commercial breaks i choose a task from my todo list, power through it, then check it off the list. my reward is another 7-10 minutes of watching my shows...wash, rinse, repeat. it's a nice way of getting the work done without getting sick of it. and getting me off the couch!

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3/25/09 12:47 AM

Maxwell, yes please! Maybe I'm the only one who used the assignments, but they sure were helpful. I admit that not having them has made me crack open the book again...which is GOOD!...but I often check the site when I don't have my book handy. Oh, and I have to say that the assignments were what got me excited about the Cure last fall and got me motivated to buy the book to read more! Looking forward to my first Spring Cure, made lots of progress since last time, and need to make it a point to share some photos.

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3/24/09 01:07 AM

what happened to posting the actual assignments in the assignment category? i miss them--they were my quick reference cheat sheet as to what i had to do for the week!

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3/23/09 10:02 PM

I've tried this kind of pouf too and didn't like it. Or at least it looks the same--I didn't get mine at Target. My biggest complaint was that it didn't suds up like the traditional mesh poufs. And the texture felt kind of slippery. It just seemed like I was pushing un-sudsy, slippery water across my skin. There was no scrubbing feeling, so I didn't feel clean. However, Dermalogica also has a facial cloth made out of this material, and I do like it for that. I usually use it to remove my face mask rather than for daily cleansing...again because I like a scrubbing feeling for cleansing, but the soft and smooth texture is nice for rinsing off--the material can hold a lot of water like a chamois.

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3/23/09 09:48 PM

Ha! I just recently used the same sofa moving technique when I had to squeeze through a doorway, down a narrow hallway and around a corner. Then I had to load the sectional into the back of my hatchback to take to consignment. It took two trips and a lot of Tetris-style flipping to get it to fit in the car but I was determined to avoid the $40 pickup charge. My other big accomplishment is removing all the popcorn off the ceiling of my 1000 sf condo. I got pretty good with my technique and perfected the tools by the time I was done. It's amazing at how creative and strong we can be when we're determined!

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3/23/09 09:36 PM

I too was lured in by an amazing photo of high gloss white floors and was excited to try it in my kitchen. Your experience may be different since you're dealing with wood and I was dealing with concrete, but thought I'd share my story. I opted for white epoxy--think garage shop flooring. There are DIY kits, but I hired a professional since I wanted pure white and I wanted it to look good. Well, first mistake was that my square footage was small potatoes compared to the commercial/industrial clients they were used to, so I don't think I got the most dedicated crew. Second mistake was picking white. It's hard to get a solid, opaque white on grey concrete without lots of layers of epoxy (read more $$$). Also, surface prep is key--they left lots of bits of concrete debris which left little pimples in the final surface. Final words of warning: epoxy is stinky, harsh chemicals, and you must be a clean freak--surface was almost like static cling for dust...which shows up beautifully against white! Sorry to be such a downer. I just ended up tiling over it and like that so much better! On the upside I went with IKEA Tundra floors in white throughout the rest of the house and love them. I still deal with the dust showing up somewhat, but much easier upkeep. Maybe it has something to do with the matte versus glossy finish.

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11/4/08 05:35 PM

Thanks for all the comments!

I'm glad to hear that most people are diggin' my wall as-is. It was one of the reasons that I purchased my condo. I think this weekend I'm just going to give it a good cleaning and see if I can bring some new life out of it.

@redneckmodern, the cabinet/table/counter is custom. I had a friend of the family weld together a steel frame for me and it's butted up against ikea akurum cabinets with grey quartz countertops. It's my sort of breakfast bar area.

@bolder, they are indeed solid wood planks, but I'm not sure what type of wood, i'm thinking cherry just from the pattern and color variation.

@wig3000, i don't have the baseboards up yet, but i like your idea of keeping them the same tone. there is indeed the same wood tone trim framing my full-length mirrored walls (i know, how much more groovy could it get!) in the dining area opposite the wood wall, and my front door is the same color. also, i did see the AT post on the IKEA Celeber Jars and got totally excited--I'm definitely buying those this weekend!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Updating Wood Panel Walls?
7/3/08 06:39 PM