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I trained my sphynx (very slowly) to use the toilet when he was three, and he's been using it for six years. He'll use it when visiting other homes, and he has used it through several moves. When he was younger, he had really smelly bowel movements, but that went away when I started feeding him homemade raw food. I'd never go back to the smelly, dirty, disgusting cat box (unless medically necessary). I don't understand how people can think it is unsanitary. The only part of the cat that touches the seat are the footpads. Which is grosser, holding a cat that stands on a relatively clean toilet seat or a cat that stands in a box full of poop & pee? Are you really so grossed out by your cat that you wouldn't share a toilet seat with it? The part of your body that touches the seat is covered with a large, thick, unopen sheath of skin, so there's really no chance of getting any diseases from your cat's feet. My apartment is much more pleasant to come home to on a hot day, that's for sure.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Death to the Litter Box
7/3/08 09:35 AM