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not nasty, but funny...
i grew up on hemp road in fredericksburg, va and my parents still live there. it's a great little dead in road, but they never have a road sign.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Unintentionally Naughty Names in Your Neighborhood?
1/28/09 01:45 PM

as if you needed yet another comment, i say hang the mirror vertically as opposed to horizontal. after skimming some of the other comments, i would agree maybe moving the chest and mirror to another part of the room and getting a smaller piece for a night stand, but if just don't like the mirror (very nice by the way) then you could purchase several smaller frames and even hang them with lovely ribbon in a cluster fashion over the chest.
good luck.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Feedback on Mirror and Recommendations?
1/21/09 12:17 PM

our husband's have the same taste in protection. we have a katana sword under his side of the bed and one at the bottom of the stairs to the den. we also have a collection of paintball guns to protect us at a distance; we live on 1.5 acres and have a lot of creatures roaming the yard in rural va. i figure threatening an intruder with either weapon should freak them out more than us having to hurt them, but both of know how to wield either.
personally, i do like the yelling a threat as a first line of defense, but don't forget to call 911 in real danger.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Do You Keep a Bat Under the Bed?
1/9/09 11:35 PM

wow, thanks! my family has lived in the fredericksburg area for 30 years, but it always nice to hear about new businesses. i'm going to check her out.

Apartment Therapy DC | HALO TLC: Furniture Restoration in Fredericksburg VA
12/1/08 02:22 PM

looks like every other "bed in a bag" comforter set. takes a great style, color palate, or pattern then f*&^ks it up.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Eva Mendes for Macy's: Home Decor Line
9/15/08 12:37 PM

home related- fresh flowers delivered every 2 weeks (daisies last a long time when cared for) and local and organic food (farmer's market...)
me-organic beauty products, pedicures and regular hair apts.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What's Your Home Indulgence?
9/8/08 07:26 AM
i have been using carol's daughter for a couple of years and the lotions leave the skin feeling silky their "groove" fragrance is nice on a man or a woman. many of the products i have purchased my husband likes to use because "they don't smell all girly and obnoxious". they have nice natural smells and for the most part the ingredients are pure and simple. the lady who started this company was on a mission to make natural beauty products and i don't think growing in size has hurt that foundation.

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9/4/08 11:35 AM

i think it's a great idea for hiding a linen closet or cupboard, but i agree with the others, that a bathroom should be easy to find.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Can You Guess What's Behind this Bookcase? Washington DC
8/20/08 07:28 AM

i agree with arlis. i like to shop online and put things in the cart and then when i'm all done, i just close the window and poof no money spent. some places actually let you store your shopping cart, so i leave it there and the next time i go, either the stuff i like is gone or i don't like it so much. but this technique really keeps my real shopping at bay.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Curbing Consumption: Dopamine & the Pleasure Principle
8/4/08 10:12 AM

that's a great idea to track where your junk mail comes from. a friend of mine sent me this link to help stop my junk mail and i subscribed. it works pretty well, but if you buy just one thing from any company just one time then it negates the attempt, but in case anyone is interested:

Apartment Therapy New York | How to: Track Junk MailBoston
7/23/08 07:14 AM

does this work for septic field users as well? we have well water and a septic field, so i'm wondering if it won't clog the lines from less pressure. we just recently purchased an older home with its original (or at least the inexspensive and water hungry) toilets installed. i would definitely like to save more water with this easy technique, but don't want to mess up my system.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Water Jug In The Toilet Tank
7/3/08 07:58 AM