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I have been saving up money to buy Irish linen fabric for bed sheet and duvet. If you know simple sewing, you can whip up your own. You can buy extra wide pure Irish linen fabric at Thomas Ferguson in Ireland (http://www.fergusonsirishlinen.com/index.asp). Go to "Fabrics" section, and from there you can take your pick.

I did say I have been saving up, yes? This thing does not come cheap, esp. when you add shipping cost.

Linen Bedding: Are Wrinkled Sheets Sexy or Messy?
9/15/11 08:08 PM

evablue: Try http://www.thewoodscompany.com/

Furniture Focus: Rectangular Dining Room Tables
7/27/11 07:22 AM

Kellyw & Kushkush (and all AT readers).

Most likely by now you're done with your projects. But I thought I share with you what little I know about the sanding and varnishing.

I sanded the wood in three stages, using coarser sand paper first (no. 60) to get rid of older varnishing and polyurethane layer, then medium (no. 100), and finer (no. 180, or higher if you want). Sanding is very tedious, esp. when done by hand. Use mask when you sand.

After sanding, I stained the wood. Be careful not to overstir the stain, you want the stain to be transparent enough to let the wood grain shine through. Last part was varnishing using polyurethane. After the first layer dried overnight, I sanded it using very fine metal wool before putting the second, final layer.

I hope this helps.


Before and After: Katzies' Reupholstered Chair | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/23/10 11:44 AM

Lisa: I only have rudimentary skill in sewing, enough to sew the piping. You won't know if you could do this until you do it. Nicole's book explains all the 'mysteries' behind doing upholstery and you could pick a simpler project for a start. One tip is to be patient enough to undo a mistake when you do it (I had to re-sand the whole chair because I did the staining wrong in the first place).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Katzies' Reupholstered Chair Before and After
8/2/08 07:49 AM

All, thank you for your kind comments.

Doogle: I don't have the exact count, but roughly it is about $ 150-ish, which includes around $ 60-ish for all the tools that I consider as investment and $ 70-ish for the fabric etc. I sourced the fabric, polyester batting and jute band from The Fabric Outlet in 17th and Mission during one of their 60 percent discount days. Then $ 20 for the stain and polyurethane layer. And oh, plus $ 15 for the chair.

Jenzoe: I bought about 4 yards of fabric, but that was 1 yard more than what I finally used.

Bepsf: I did it leisurely over a couple of months. I would take 1 or 1.5 or 2 hours break and worked on the chair to de-stress. The most difficult part is gluing the piping to the fabric by the chair's arm as you don't want to spill hot glue to your fabric, and pulling the thread to the chairs back when making the tufted buttons.

Reb: I sew the piping myself. It is not difficult. You just need a special foot for your sewing machine (a sewing store can tell you what foot to get for sewing piping) and a lot of patience to make sure your piping is sewn tightly.

Note: I found the old chair at Berkeley Urban Ore.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Katzies' Reupholstered Chair Before and After
8/1/08 09:38 AM

thank you! It was a project that I never wanted to end as every stage was done with so much anticipation. I did get some instructions and assistance with sanding and veneering the chair from a good friend who knows carpentry, so it was actually a common achievement.

I hope to share more projects in the future with you :). And thank you again for your kind comments!!

ps: here's the link for detailed step-by-step process, as the link above seems broken:
theseroving eyes: should we plan for a boggle party? har har... :D, madampince: you can do it yourself! really!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Katzies' Reupholstered Chair Before and After
7/31/08 11:27 PM