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Oh, I see the closet area now on the diagram. Wow, did you have to pare down your wardrobe? That must be hard in NY, since you guys actually have seasons, which require different types of clothes.

Also, is that a twin bed? Personally, I don't know if I could give up my queen size :)

Lauren's Best Solution Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 06:51 PM

Also, can we see more of your apartment? I love it!

Lauren's Best Solution Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 06:13 PM

This is my favorite! Lauren, where do you put your clothes?? I don't see a closet.

Lauren's Best Solution Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 06:09 PM

Wow, I love your coffee table! I'm impressed. Where did you get the wheels from?

Langston's KidRobot-Inspired Home House Tour
1/24/13 08:34 PM

"Kills it" in a good way or bad way?

Lora and Frank's Fun Modern Home House Tour
8/21/12 06:36 PM

I think a cat is an essential.

The Bare Minimum: 10 Absolute Essentials for Every Home
8/8/12 02:02 AM

Is it true about IKEA and the rainforests?

Do You Have a Favorite IKEA Food?
7/31/12 07:41 PM

Pretty place for a pretty girl.

Caitlin's Art Deco Apartment with a Parisian Flair
House Tour

11/17/10 04:16 PM

Wow. This is so interesting! It's really beautiful and so well done. Bill, do you ever get gloomy/sad/depressed living in this color scheme? I've heard that colors influence mood. I can't imagine what living with all black walls does to someone's mood.

The space is stunning, though. The armchairs crack me up!

Bill Goes All Black
House Tour

11/15/10 04:16 PM

Haha! Yeah, re the knives in dining room. "No, Mr. Arroyo, the chicken is not overcooked. It is delicious!"

I think I'm coming down on the side of the knives, actually. TacoBell's comment has made me pro-knife.

Steven Arroyo's Think Tank
House Tour

11/12/10 07:00 PM

Neat! The colors are amazing. Though I am a little afraid of your knives.

Steven Arroyo's Think Tank
House Tour

11/11/10 04:09 PM

Hmm...these comments really make sense. But what do you do if you're a person who likes softer, eclectic Shabby Chic design but are stuck living in a minimalist, modern style house? Do you just go with how your house wants to be and learn to live with modern stuff?

Deborah's Modern Shabby Chic Home
House Tour

11/10/10 04:43 PM

Beautiful! I love everything! Where did you get the steel display cabinet in the living room?

Deborah's Modern Shabby Chic Home
House Tour

11/10/10 03:24 PM

So soothing! Lovely. Is that a genuine Womb Chair? Or is it a replica? I've been wanting a womb chair for so long, but the real ones are just way too expensive at my current budget.

Heather, if it is a replica, how do you like it? Is it comfy?

Heather's "Mid-Mod" Room
10/21/10 06:38 PM

Stunning! Love your style. Joff, does it echo in your downstairs living room? I have 20-ft ceilings & wood floors, too, and there's a terrible echo. But I don't have furniture yet. Does having furniture cut down on the sound bouncing around?

Joff's Carefully Curated Triplex House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
6/2/10 04:05 PM

Laura, where did you get your slipper chair? I love it! I saw similar ones on Urban O. but none in that color.

Laura's Inviting Live / Work Studio House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
4/7/10 06:35 PM

Because it's holding down the felted balls so the cats don't eat them. Duh.

Handmade Color For A Small Space Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/2/10 08:51 PM

Can't you guys do a Medium Cool? You know, for those of us with slightly larger places? Just a thought.

The 6th Annual Small, Cool Home Contest Coming Soon! | Apartment Therapy New York
3/31/10 08:15 PM

Whoever owns this has a LOT of money.

Renovation of a Madrid Home by Nacho Polo Yatzer | Apartment Therapy New York
3/24/10 05:22 PM

Yes, ditto to the tchotchke shots. Enough of those!

I wasn't bothered by her cutting corn.

Also, that's a beautiful coffee table. Teresa, where did you get it?

Teresa's Goldberg on the Gold Coast House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/14/09 12:23 AM