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Good move--a totally free and non-intrusive way to de-uglify the rental cabinetry. I've done it before. You might find (as I did) that a greasy, sticky film can accumulate on the stuff over time, because of open-air exposure to the range. But I agree with you, aesthetically, that a mosaic of colorful dishes and containers is way better than those woefully mediocre cabinet faces. I'm totally stealing your dishwasher-as-pot-lid-rack too!

Before After: An $80 Rental Kitchen Makeover | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
11/14/09 11:50 PM

I think Brocade home had an aesthetic that was unique in the marketplace, but they charged too much money for middle-of-the-road furniture construction. Their customer service left something to be desired, too. I bought a headboard and frame from there over a year ago, and actually just sold it on craigslist for 1/4 what I paid for it. If Brocade had lowered the price point or raised the quality, things might be different.

Apartment Therapy New York | Openings/Closings: Brocade Home is......?
8/14/08 10:24 AM

I love the library!!! Oh my god I could spend hours in there. I also like that there were actual, friendly looking people in this tour.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Moses' All Vintage All the Time San Francisco
8/12/08 05:35 PM

The Urban Outfitters one looks good, but I learned the hard way that I should never, ever get an armless sofa. I like to recline on a sofa, and without arms, there's nothing to rest your head on!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Really Red Sofas
8/12/08 04:30 PM

Haha, awesome, thanks for sharing.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The (REALLY) NSFW Furniture Gallery
8/12/08 04:19 PM

I just finished my first mosaic-tiling project: the top of an Ikea Lack coffee table I found in my alley last year. I want to assure you, it was not too difficult. I ordered the tiles from modwalls.com. Their tile blends are mesh-backed by the square foot, which was a lot faster to lay down to apply than single tiles. In terms of the installation, I followed this tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens Australia:
There were some nerve-wracking moments, but nothing my novice friend and I couldn't handle. Now I want to tile the entire world.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Tables To Put Your Tiles On
7/29/08 11:29 PM

To cocobean: www.modwalls.com

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Tables To Put Your Tiles On
7/29/08 11:05 PM

There was an earthquake in Germany today?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Scary, But Creative: Mirrors on the Ceiling
7/29/08 04:31 PM

I think canopy beds like that are very beautiful to look at, but I don't like the idea of sleeping in them. It's also interesting that most people don't seem to drape fabric on them as much. They are more like a graphic statement.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bedroom on a Budget Domino 08.08
7/25/08 04:14 PM

I love cats, and this picture made me smile, but I had to chortle a little at healthyhome's peevish comment. Unlike municipal shelters, so-called "animal sanctuaries" often are a shelter and someone's house, so they're warm, friendly and certainly humane places, yet also tend to have noteworthy urine aromas and dander in the air that the kindly proprietors' noses have long become inured to. These places are an appropriate channeling of cat lady energy, in my opinion.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Cat...Shelving?
7/24/08 11:35 PM

Dwell is like almost all magazines:
1. Aspirational
2. Beholden to its advertisers
So with that in mind, I find inspiration in its pages on occasion--more in terms of color and form than brand names and price tags. There is more of a sanctimonious slant in Dwell's brand of aspiration, because of the emphasis on eco-design, which makes it arguably more manipulative than, say, House Beautiful. And as others have pointed out, in its rejection of the suburbs and Ethan Allen et al furniture, it has created its own cliches and conformities.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiring or Alienating: Dwell
7/2/08 11:25 PM