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bubble lamps are actually not fiberglass. they made of something they call "self webbing vinyl skin" - i don't think i'd try bleach unless i was really desperate. bleach is so harsh it might eat the material.

i use murphy's oil soap diluted in water to make a soapy bath paired with a soft sponge on my bubble lamps. don't scrub hard because you risk tearing the lamp. i remember reading this as a recommendation for cleaning somewhere, a long time ago - i have tried it and it works. it even removes vintage mold!

Good Questions: How Can I Remove Food Stains From This Lamp?
6/8/07 08:22 AM

Hi Again,
Thanks again for the nice words, AT community! It's hard to invite strangers into your house and ask them to critique it. :)
Bunnies: I believe the name of the granite on the countertops is called Peacock Green. It has a nice depth to it - with shimmery layers of blue and green. The walls tiles are also a mix of blue and green and greys. The walls color is actually a very pale blue that looks white, grey or blue at different times of the day. The floor tile which we couldn't show in these shots it my favorite part of the kitchen - a dark grey Italian tile. The tiles have a brushed (combed?) yet smooth texture that feels so great on bare feet and they're really easy to clean. I wish we had used them in our bathroom renovation a few years ago!

Tuareg: Our contractor does do work in Manhattan and is insured for co-op and condo buildings. We found his prices to be very reasonable, he's reliable and his work is very good. If you need any plastering he's definitely the person to contact... our kitchen walls are so smooth that they make the other rooms look like they need re-plastering! I'm going to try to post a link to his website.

Olga: I left you out on my last comment - we love the new stove! The continuous grate on top gives us more prep space and we love how the top of the stove doesn't get hot when the oven is on. It also heats up really quickly (we're hoping it uses less energy) and cools down faster than any other oven I've used in the past. So far it's been user friendly although I haven't set the clock since the clocks changed - I think I'll have to read the manual one of these days! ;)


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4/28/07 04:25 AM

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for the kind words!
Let's see...
Ana: The knife block was a gift from a friend a few years ago. I've seen them in the past at Macy's.

Matilda: The light fixture is vintage Lightolier. I guess you could try ebay for similar ones. I've seen them on 1stdibs in the past - John Salibello currently has a smaller version. I would recommend having any vintage fixture re-wired for safety.

buzybee: I can assure you it wasn't just a facelift - everything in the kitchen was torn out, the walls were completely re-plastered (not drywalled - I still find plaster dust here and there! ;), the plumbing was re-done, the electrical was re-wired and the whole space was re-designed so that everything would fit properly. Nothing remains of the old kitchen. The old stove used to hit the windowsill when we opened the oven door. The old refrigerator blocked the doorway and stood out way beyond the cabinets. The old cabinets hung so low they wasted a ton of space between their tops and the ceiling. It may look conventional - it's not our ultimate dream kitchen, it's our ultimate dream kitchen for this apartment.

These photos were taken right after the re-model (notice the X-Mas tree in the cut out ;) so it's probably looks a little more "lived in" now... with a tea kettle on the stove, a dish rack next to the sink, and the window sill has some vintage glassware. We try to keep everything in the cabinets and off of the counters - not because we don't have personality but because we didn't want a cluttered kitchen.

I really have to disagree about the Shaker panelled door comments - the Shakers were so advanced and minimal! And they were doing it over 200 years ago. No the cabinet style wasn't designed in the last 10 years - when we chose them for our modern kitchen we chose them because they had good, clean lines which we indentify with modern.

Also just to clarify, when I stated I didn't want IKEA cabinets it wasn't because I don't like their designs. I like a lot of their designs and their cabinets certainly fell into our price range. I just didn't care for the quality - they seemed as though they wouldn't last 5 years. We plan to sell our co-op in the next year and I didn't want to leave a kitchen that the next owners would have to tear out.

When my fiance and I look at our kitchen we see what it was before and know what it is now, so we see it with different eyes. I thought about a picture in picture when I submitted the photos to show the before and after but I didn't think that was allowed for the contest.

Again thanks to everyone that took the time to vote and leave comments for us! :)

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4/27/07 02:48 PM