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Before & After: The Dresser and the Orange Bottle
Centsational Girl

11/16/10 04:26 PM

Any suggestions on what to hang string lights on if you don't have a patio that's in between two buildings?? I have a 20x20 front yard that I want to zig-zag some lights across... house on one side, 3' picket fence on the other side. Maybe some type of pole pushed into the ground?? All I can think of is PVC pipe or some old black IKEA curtain rods... but that sounds somewhat ghetto to me :)

Best Outdoor String Lights 2010
10/19/10 08:46 PM

Does anyone know where I can get a raffia cube like the one shown in picture #4?? I'm looking for one that size or a larger one to use as a coffee table. Thanks!

Lovely Undergrad | Apartment Therapy New York
6/29/10 05:42 PM

This looks awfully complicated and expensive. Obviously it's a great accomplishiment to say you've done it yourself, but why in the world wouldn't you let a professional do this? This is a place where I would say "money well spent" to have it done quicly and properly by a specialist.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Pouring Your Own Concrete Countertops Tutorial By Splatgirl
1/9/09 07:00 PM

Snapfish and KodakGallery do this for the same price. However the book I did on KodakGallery had TERRIBLE picture quality even though I use a 7MP camera. I don't recommend using them.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Turning Your Photos Into a Book
11/18/08 07:11 PM

I just fell in love with a crystal version of the disco ball in a boutique clothing shop. More of a chandalier-disco ball hybrid. Check out this version:

There are less pricey versions out there too.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Disco Dining...and Then Some
11/18/08 04:45 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Magnetic Faceted Curtain by Florian Kräutli
11/13/08 04:15 PM

Um where did the printer go? And I find it hard to believe that is the 'sewing area.' Pretty tiny and man what uncomfortable looking stools/chairs. This person must not really sew.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rearranging Furniture: Before and After
11/12/08 02:20 PM

no, but I'd love to start that company!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Maxwell-Like Designer in San Francisco?
11/5/08 11:20 AM

I like the red / creamy yellow pallate but rather than a bright red use a red with brown undertones so the tiles make sense in the scheme of things...

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What Colors Will Save This Space?
9/2/08 09:36 AM

What in the world is a fainting room? I prefer staying conscious in my rooms.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Colorful Compound on Folsom San Francisco
8/4/08 01:11 PM

Anyone else think it looks like a toilet seat cover?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Concept: The Backpack Bicycle
7/17/08 01:28 PM

I'm involved in a group called HomeAid which provides housing for the homeless across the US. One of the annual fundraisers we have is called Project Playhouse. Local builders and architects donate their time to build elaborate playhouses to be auctioned off for charity. The houses are incredible. Check out designs from prior years...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Space Living: Best Playhouse Ever
7/2/08 12:22 PM