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Wish you were in LA, jendavid99, as I'd point you to Steel Casey in Studio City. Regardless, here's their website:


Might help you in your quest.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Help Matching These Vintage Chairs?
10/16/08 09:49 AM

I have one just like it in my bedroom that goes to Narnia.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Kids/Pets Tunnel Melbourne
10/3/08 10:08 AM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Children's Playroom in a Loft
9/12/08 03:58 PM

I want it for my "Wall of Dirty Underwear" installation.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! The Mondrian Hotel's Wall of Hooks
9/2/08 10:08 AM

Nice try. Las Vegas is the most ridiculously overdeveloped city I've seen. I spent a few days visiting friends who live there. Nothing but rampant and mostly unused development for miles.

They live in a new apartment "community" that, after two years, has something like 15% occupancy. Pretty much the same thing citywide.

Vegas doesn't need more housing. It needs to freeze development and make use of what's already built. The only "green" the Harmon Hotel developers actually care about is cash.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Traveling: Eco Friendly Living in Las Vegas
8/27/08 01:12 PM

Lord. Dusting nightmare.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before After: Jude's Impromptu Molding Treatment
8/26/08 10:25 AM

Do we have to attach eco-guilt to everything? I think this is a great post. Some really cool designs. And free, which is within my budget. Thanks, AT.

If you're that concerned about the environment, quit surfing the internet and turn off your computer.

No wonder there's starting to be an anti-green backlash. Pick your battles.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Roundup: Ten Best Looking (Free!) Screen Savers
8/26/08 10:21 AM

Love the dining table and the matching mini table. The headboard is a little pallet-y for my taste, but I still appreciate its chunky simplicity. I'd be interested to see a similar headboard with the gaps filled by thin strips of wood in a darker stain.

All in all, what I like most is that you found an independent artisan who's willing to work with you to create something unique and durable. This is "last-a-lifetime" furniture.

Happy nuptials.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Story of a Table: Finished Table! (Plus a Sneak Peek...)
8/22/08 01:33 PM

I spent a few summers as a painter for a school district. This was one of my standard tricks, and it worked surprisingly well. One hole really isn't enough, though. I'd recommend four or five holes around the trough. And a good awl works better than the hammer-and-nail.

When you're done for the day, let the can sit for a few minutes to drain. Then put the lid back securely in place. The lip of the lid effectively seals the holes, preventing the paint from drying.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Paint Drip Tip
8/22/08 11:05 AM

Because if I bought it, it would make me a...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Poor Man's Writing Desk by Paul Mirocha
8/19/08 04:35 PM

Maybe they, you know, like the chairs. I'm actually a little tired of the "one iconic chair of a type per room" trend.

These chairs weren't designed to be icons. They were designed to be chairs. If a person appreciates the style and the comfort, so be it. Maybe an abundance of Eames chairs in one space can have the beneficial effect of knocking away some of the divinity that's crusted onto them over the years.

And if they have 19 friends to fill them, all the better.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT on... The Classics
8/19/08 03:49 PM

A simple solution would be to buy a reasonably priced bar table that works with the stools. Maybe a square top, sits two comfortably. Push the table close to the wall, but not so close that the existing counter interferes.

During a meal, use the counter for serving dishes, carafes, etc. Might be a cozy little dining area for two. And you wouldn't have to deal with building either a platform or a second counter.

The chairs are keepers.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Fix for Low Stools at a High Counter?
7/28/08 02:47 PM

I have to admit, when I first saw the photo I thought, "Cool. Somebody painted a funky faux 'molding' doodle on their wall." It seemed pretty hip.

How high up does the ceiling cathedral? Because painting the fireplace wall a darker color could prove to be a disappointing experiment. I'd say find a friend with Photoshop and have them doctor the above photo to give you a sense of what it might look like in grey or blue-grey.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Should I Add Molding To My Bedroom?
7/2/08 10:58 AM