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Wait? People iron their towels?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 10 Tips for Making Your Home Sexy from Lynda Reeves
2/11/09 12:53 AM

The combination of the above two comments gave me the giggles.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Create Your Own Green at Home Yoga Studio
2/1/09 03:42 PM

I have a bat on one side, and a duct tape wrapped cane on the other. It's a his and hers arrangement. We have had to grab them. We always live in horrible neighborhoods. I'm not sure I could not have a bat or something handy because of my poor neighborly experiences.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Do You Keep a Bat Under the Bed?
1/9/09 03:52 PM

I'm female. I have a large collection of tools. Larger than my husband is happy with, sometimes.

I have yet to see a cute pink tool set that is worth anything. If you are worried about the tools being too heavy, there are options. I was really sick last year with Graves Disease, and a thyroid storm. I had so much muscle wasting that my normal tools felt like lead bricks in my hands. I just looked for more compact models.

The color of the plastic on your tools does not mean anything, nor does it take away your femininity. Buy good reliable tools. Don't succumb to marketing that targets your insecurities about using them.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Quality Power Tools in Pink?
11/24/08 08:05 PM

Roaches. I recently had a horror story apartment in Seattle. It looked beautiful because they redid everything. The first night the little creepy crawlies came out of the walls.

I now look for apartments with a flashlight. I check under sinks, around exposed pipes, and all. One lady said I looked very professional, but I think she meant very nutty. I just never ever want to deal with that again. There's simply not enough boric acid powder in the world.

Smells, noises, and dingy paint I can deal with.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Apartment Hunting: Things That Scream Walk Away
10/8/08 06:56 PM

Holy cow! How did I not know about this? Very cool.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Obsession of the Moment: New York Public Library Digital Library
10/6/08 06:13 PM

I never get tired of steampunk stuff.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | The Steampunk... Office?
10/3/08 08:31 PM

This makes me wonder about facility med disposal. I'm in WA state, and work as a nurse. Standard disposal has been to flush narcotics.

We could put them in a sharps container, but shoving 30-60 percocets in a sharps box can end up with the sharps box stolen, and ripped open in the parking lot.

I haven't heard of any better solutions at this point.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | California's "No Drugs Down the Drain" Week
10/3/08 04:31 PM

Wait. I hit hot, but then changed my mind, when I thought about the more robust activities that might carry on in a bed.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Housefish Suspended Bed
9/26/08 05:23 PM

I feel glad to be a part of the IKEA flock.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Quotes: More Ikea Catalogs Than Bibles
9/25/08 05:52 PM

My towels get reused by the hubby, or I, until they don't smell nice and fresh. That takes a bit, but we hang them to dry in between use.

I have a small trunk in my bedroom. I wear clothes once, then fold them up, and place them on top the trunk. That way I know they aren't clean, like laundry clean. Then I rotate other clothes on and off the trunk pile. After a couple of wearings, I toss the trunk clothes into the wash. I don't really do much that would get me dirty, so this isn't a problem.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | AT on ... Laundry Duty. Time to Sniff?
9/12/08 09:07 PM

Cool guide. I'll definitely be checking them out.

I have been using Skin Deep cosmetics safety database to see what's carcinogenic in my cosmetics and toiletries. Always good to have another guide.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | GoodGuide: Which One Do You Choose?
9/12/08 08:58 PM

We didn't think we could weed out our books because we were simply book people. It was part of our identity. Then we had to do 4 moves in a year and a half about six months apart. That will make you really reevaluate what's important.

I am down to one shelf of books. All of them are reference books, and diy style things. I rediscovered the library for everything else. If the library doesn't have it, I buy it, then donate it to them when I am done.

I actually feel great about it. I never thought I would be comfortable with so few books, but it's very freeing.

Apartment Therapy New York | Tips: Detaching Yourself (Rationally) from Your Books Washington DC
9/5/08 08:43 AM

It looks like others have expounded on the kind of costs, and installation needed for these. I'll just say that I would never put my fish in that skinny a tank. I'd worry about them not having enough room.

Plus, a lot of apartments around here have clauses in the leases against fishtanks past a certain size. I think they are worried about possible water damage, if something goes.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Spacearium by Aquarium ASP
9/2/08 02:30 PM

I go to up in Bellingham, WA. There is also Market Spice in Pike Place Market. Either one is amazing, with a similar experience. I recommend them both, if you get over this way.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The Experience of Bulk Spices
8/30/08 04:56 PM

Mine is a larger cooler, filled with gluten free food. I am still looking for a cool looking one, that doesn't make it look like I am going camping.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What's Your Travel Must-Have?
8/20/08 01:31 PM

I was just over at the cosmetics database looking for toothpaste, and Tom's came up safe. I was going to switch when my current tube ran out. I guess it's just fate that this post came out about it, now.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Greening Our Habits: Tom's of Maine Toothpaste
8/19/08 10:39 PM

I bought a kleen kanteen for the hubby and I. I put hot tea in my bottles, so plastic is out, now.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Nalgene Water Bottle Swapout in Davis, Ca
8/15/08 09:22 PM

I cringe every time I see a book gutted like that. I can't help it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rebound Notebooks Melbourne
8/8/08 09:46 AM

I'd be concerned that I'd fall through on the sides. Done in square pillows with the strap going down the whole width, it might be comfy.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Kragh Rosenberg Pillow Sleeper
7/29/08 11:08 PM