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There are a number of things you could do with the space depending on what your needs are. Obviously as a student you will have tons of books and study materials, you could add a shelf or two and use it as a built in bookcase. You could also do that and if you don't want to see the books, you could add doors to it so you can use it as storage.
One more idea that comes to mind is if you entertain that it might make a nice area fo a dry bar where you could put some glassware, liquors and a few mixers. Hopefully one of these ideas works for you or sparks a good idea for you.

How To Best Use Awkward Built-In Desk? Good Questions
7/24/12 08:37 AM

Often times if you get a couple of quotes then you can talk to your landlord about possibly paying for it yourself in lieu of rent. Provided, of course, you get permission for the arrangement and for the carpet/paint choice.

How To Improve Rental Stairway? Good Questions
7/23/12 02:38 PM