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thanks for the kind words about my entryway!

ee2485- the hooks are from Cost Plus World Market, I recently got them on clearance, but have seen similar ones at Anthropologie...

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9/16/10 03:52 PM

it's the best!! makes a great menopause gift! :)

and they have one for dogs.. the canine cooler, great for hot summer days.

The Chillow: It's for Real
9/3/10 11:29 AM

i'm in the same boat!

step one:

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8/19/09 10:03 PM

I always bring my own grocery bags to the store, and i find it to be much easier if I just do it myself.

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1/16/09 12:00 PM

thats the same bookshelf...

also, all the shelves come seperately, so i guess you could leave the top one off- but i assume the more shelves that are on it, the sturdier it is..

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thoughts on Thomas O'Brien Furniture?
9/11/08 12:52 PM

i have this bookshelf- and i LOVE IT!
it didnt seem super sturdy when we first put it together, but it definitely hold its own.
we even removed a shelf and its supports to make room for our tv- and its not wobbly one bit..

however, i'm not sure about:
"folding feature so you can adjust the distance between the supports"
if i remember correctly, the shelves were pre-drilled, so i dont think you easily adjust the distance..

hope that helps!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thoughts on Thomas O'Brien Furniture?
9/11/08 12:48 PM

dont waste your time- this place is WAY over priced!

cool place to look but, save your energy and do it on flickr..

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6/30/08 02:57 PM