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did you tell them that you blog for apartment therapy?

Bengt Ek Design: A Customer Service Accolade
7/30/11 02:56 AM

Can anyone answer this question for me? I have bought many CFL's over my lifetime and have always been disappointed. The main issue is that they just aren't that bright. Despite the package claims of putting out equivalent lumens for less wattage, once you plug it in, it never adds up. Perhaps, the way they measure lumens counts photons that are in a spectrum that cannot actually be perceived by the human eye and therefore should not be measured. Or perhaps we should have a rating of "perceived lumens". Any physics experts here?

Until doomsday, I am stocking up on incandescents and 500W halogens for my "known fire risk" halogen torchiere (which I love so much).


The Lightbulb Wars: FAQ, Myths, and Facts
Test Lab: Week Two

7/29/11 11:34 PM

oww...damn splinter!

From Junk To Funk In Donna's Handmade Home
House Tour

5/9/11 05:34 PM

what is that plant by the window...gotta get it!

The Big Reveal! Barney's Pop Art Loft
The Inside Man

8/20/10 12:27 AM

bleach only "temporarily" make mold disappear in the same way that all the other products you mention make mold "temporarily" disappear.

How To Green Clean the Mold In Your Shower | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/25/10 07:18 PM

what is the name of that chair in front of the mirror in the first photo? I have been trying to find one just like it!

Modern Studios from Ohtel Wellington, New Zealand | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/5/10 11:09 PM

A green home would really be 1/10th that size...sustainable thinking and living is more than green consumerism. that being said, nice house!

A High-Tech Green Traditional New England Home Narragansett, Rhode Island | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/14/09 10:14 PM

Seems CB2 is taking a cue from Banana Republic/Gap and pushing a new and horrid color scheme each season.

Apartment Therapy New York | CB2's Hancock Bookcase
7/24/08 07:40 PM

compressed air prob wouldn't work too well for a fan because it gets this "caked on" dust and since the fan is blowing all the time, the dust that is on the fan is usually pretty stubborn.

Haven't tried it but I thing a strong bristled brush would work the best on the wire cage. Use the nozzle of a good vacuum to suck off whatever dust you can from the motor. A good microfiber cloth (wet or dry) also works wonders on dust in general...doesn't just move it from place to place like a wet rag does.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Clean an Oscillating Round Fan
6/30/08 11:58 PM

ummm...sorry to be a hater but that was a pretty uninformative 'How To'. Might as well have said, step 1, take it apart, step 2 clean it, step 3 put it back together.

A more useful article would have given us tips on how to get into all those nooks and crannies in the wire cage, how to get off that caked on dust on the blades, how to clean the place where dust accumulates on the motor. The article just stated the obvious.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Clean an Oscillating Round Fan
6/30/08 02:38 PM

Amazing place and amazing red floors. Can anyone tell me what the make is of the two headed lamp in the bedroom? I have been looking for something just like that!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Robert Wowa's Loft RenovationKrakow, Poland
6/30/08 02:30 PM