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I am sure AT will take lots of "this is not design!" flack for this but it's nice to see a room that kids appreciate [and have some design input!] rather than a decorator's/ stylist's vision. I like how they incorporated licensed characters in with home made design stuff. Good balance! Adults [me included] hate this stuff but kids LOVE it. You've got to let kids have some say in their surroundings- even if it means Dora sheets. Otherwise you'll have a 22 year old wearing a Spongebob backpack to deal with. Cheers!

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3/13/13 04:52 PM

I would love to switch out my many, many glass frames with plexi/ acrylic/ not-glass material. I am not picky about the finish and most pieces are not in direct sunlight or in need of museum quality materials. Is there a cheap resource for getting custom plexi glass cut? I asked at a frame store and they wanted $20 per 8x10 sheet. Thanks!

Framing Artwork: Glass vs. Plexiglass
9/8/11 04:09 PM

Great suggestions! I just had a party for my 3 year old and we did pizza because I couldn't think of anything else. Like another commenter said- most the kids didn't eat it- too busy on the bouncy house. I would do little sandwiches next time- or the kabob idea.

Also, while my child has no known allergies, as a fellow parent, and human, I would NEVER EVER want to serve food at a party that could injure another child. Even at my own inconvenience I would go out of my way to make sure each child feels safe and welcome. And because we have no known food allergies, reminders from parents who do are very helpful because it is easy for me to forget. Thank you.

Toddler-Friendly Outdoor Party Food (Not Pizza!)
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6/16/11 03:32 PM

I have a toddler and no dishwasher. At one point when my daughter was a bit younger I hastily purchased a portable dishwasher... and never used it once. I never had enough dishes to fill, and moving it across the kitchen and setting it up seemed like too much work for one sink full of dishes. So I sold it. I would love to have a dishwasher that was built in... but counter and kitchen space are way more important. I put a play kitchen for my daughter in the corner the dishwasher occupied. Much better use of space. Ask for a cleaning service instead. Dishwashers don't mop floors and vacuum.


Dishwashers and Grandmothers
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2/8/11 02:06 AM

Is the after couch this one: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/fud/2197891386.html ? If so, it actually looks better in a home than in the ad.


Before & After: Derek's Style Switchup
2/5/11 12:11 PM

Love the jar of Lara Bars in the kitchen- great idea!

Whole place is lovely and personal without being overwhelming. Well done.

George Lowell's Classic Contemporary Apartment
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1/22/11 05:57 PM

I thought this was a great post- not judgmental- just asking an interesting question. I definitely have "perfect party" fatigue with seeing all the picture perfect dessert tables. I do think there is a new standard that is expected at kid's parties. Not that it is necessarily good or bad, but it is different from when I was a kid. I feel like kid's parties have moved from experience to aesthetic. I remember chuck-e-cheese, mini golf, swimming pools and roller rinks- not table settings.

There is a definite trend of "blog era+ access to professional photography + recession" influencing the themes to many of the kid's parties now- and in 10-20 years those parties will all look very 2010 to our 2020+ eyes.


How Far Do You Go For A Fabulous Birthday Party Or Shower?
9/29/10 05:27 PM

Thank you @skyesage- beautifully said.

It is a tough time for mothers to adjust to their new role and friends/ family need to respect that. Some women have an easy time- some don't and there are a lot in between.

Let me also add that if you are planning to visit a new mom- call and say "I am going to stop by the drugstore/ grocery/ target/ etc. Can I pick up anything for you?" That new mom might be in the middle of a marathon nursing session dreaming of ice cream and somehow out of toilet paper & GIANT maxi-pads.

The best advice for new moms is to join a mom's group with other new moms! The hospital offered one led by a retired nurse. It was one of my first "out of the house alone with the baby how does the car seat snap and stroller fold up is there spit up all over my back" experiences and it was great to be sharing it with others who were in the exact same place. Plus we spent the entire time, nursing, talking about baby poop and complaining about visitors together.

The point is to respect mothers and honor the birth experience. Happy mother's day!

10 Things You Should Know Before You Visit New ParentsMori.net | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/8/10 05:35 PM

Your friend is right- you will be nursing all the time. I had a rocking chair in the bedroom for quiet time nursing, and I used a huge balance ball [yoga ball] in the living room in front of the TV to bounce & nurse. Worked great for me. Best of luck!

What's a Good Nursing Setup?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/1/10 08:39 PM

I love the idea of this sign. Once while trapped in an elevator I had an older gentleman reach over and pull my daughter's thumb out of her mouth and say "no thumbsucking!". I was horrified! I was trapped on the pushing end of the stroller and unable to stop him in time. I would love if the sentiments of this sign were common sense- but until then...

Hot or Not? Hands Off Baby Signs | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/25/09 04:00 PM

I asked a family court judge this question and this was her reponse:

"the only thing I can think of is that the landlord can do a notice to eviction either 3 or 30 day depending on the lease for a nuisance...most leases have such a clause and if enough neighbors complain and the police are called enough, there you go. Problem is that that puts out the victim as well. I think there is new legislation in calif (or it is being talked about) that prevents an eviction for a period of time against a victim of domestic violence if they seek assistance of the court with a protective order against the perpetrator. The problem is in this case is that she keeps letting him back, a symptom of a battered person. Other than that I think that the neighbors should not get involved especially if the guy is violent...it could turn back on them."

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Problematic Neighbors
12/17/08 07:32 PM

Buy memorah stamps to mail it out. :) I am jewish and wouldn't be offended at all [but I have major x-mas envy this year]. Sometimes it does get annoying to be inundated with tons of x-mas and no channukah. Kids can get especially upset by this. Your card is super cute and a great idea for being unable to select an image.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Holiday Card Dilemma
12/11/08 07:49 PM

grey. though sometimes brown, or red. or mustard.


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10/9/08 05:11 PM

My beautiful daughter.


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10/2/08 09:02 PM

can't decide between Field Day and Riverbed... Think I will go with Riverbed. Lovely!

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9/27/08 08:45 AM

Love the Giraffe Sconce! Also the Paker Pendant lamp would look great over the kitchen table.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Giraffe Sconce by Jonathan Adler
6/12/08 03:44 PM

That is really fantastic; thanks for the link! One thing though, Long Beach is part of LA County and not its own [it should be, but that is a different story].


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