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Looks like an amazing spot. Please open your second location in Los Angeles.

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11/21/12 02:25 PM

allisonnf and Rapunzel: Loving the idea of lining the cubbies with paper. I think that sounds wonderful!

What Color to Paint Desk?
Good Questions

8/4/11 02:29 PM

Thanks everyone! Love all the great ideas.

What Color to Paint Desk?
Good Questions

8/4/11 02:05 PM

my first non-shared apartment was an extra large studio in Long Beach, CA right on Ocean Blvd!. It was in a Spanish building for $700 a month and it was packed with charm and tons of light. I painted the living space a warm apricot--after several other attempts in red and lavendar-- and paired it with sage green and mustard yellow. It was my little beach haven and I loved it!! I moved away for work four years later and I remembering crying when I moved out knowing that I would never have an apartment like this one. It was my first love! For years, i have bounced around from apartment to apartment looking for the same kind of feeling, but have yet to feel that homey feeling again. Fingers crossed that I can create that again!

My First Apartment: Looking Back
8/12/10 04:10 PM