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I tend to buy a lot of candles from Bath & Body works, they tend to last for quite some time and I love the pretty glass jars they come in.

I also buy candles on clearance at Target, and from Ross, Home Goods, etc.

I burn candles allllll the time, so I am always on the lookout for nice candles at a great price. (I go through them so quickly, what's the point of spending $10 /candle, when I can buy them on clearance for less?)

Best Candle, for Looks, Price and Scent? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
2/12/10 10:44 PM

I have a real tree at home, and a glorious pink tree on my desk at work:

and I made a pink and silver ornament wreath to go along with it:

YAYYY for trees *of color* haha

Christmas Trees of Color | Apartment Therapy DC
12/18/09 12:09 PM


I believe the white pumpkins are actually called Lumina Pumpkins. They are white on the outside and orange on the inside - really neat looking!

Apartment Therapy New York | Pumpkin Carving Inspiration from Martha (Plus the Death Star!)
10/28/09 04:09 PM

@Comicgeek, I'm thinking those legs are probably more stable than a pedestal base would be, unless the pedestal base was REALLY wide... that's probably why they chose the legs they did.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Adorable Portable Fireplace
10/6/09 03:08 PM

I have a cal king and I love it. The only thing that really, really sucks is how limited sheets and bedding are, as well as nice modern looking headboards. I run into lots of plain bedding in boring colors (pastels) and weird, chunky, super old looking headboards.

But nothing beats being able to lay in bed with my boyfriend and our 3 cats and still have tons of room.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Tips For Enjoying More Room In Bed
8/14/09 06:25 PM

2 words: stripper pole

Apartment Therapy New York | Ideas for Awkward "Stage" Area? Good Questions
8/6/09 12:32 PM

I live in Phoenix. I hate this type of landscaping, it makes me really sad. Like ThreeBySea stated above, people think if they throw a bunch of rocks in their front yard, that's that and they can walk away. Rock yards still grow all sorts of weeds, should be raked, etc and most people put rocks in their yards in the first place because they don't want to do anything else.

I have grass, we rarely water it and it still looks fairly decent. I think that's mostly due to the fact that we have a GIGANTIC willow-type tree in our front yard that puts the grass in shade nearly all day.

Oh well.

P.S. I think it would be awesome if you could showcase some more Southwesty things. (Apartment Therapy Phoenix, perhaps? :) )

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration? Phoenix Retirement Home Landscaping
6/16/09 05:54 PM

I vote yellow. :D

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Wall Color for Patchwork Painted Floor?
6/4/09 12:33 AM

I live in a 3 bed/2 bath 1800sq/ft house in Phoenix, AZ. I pay $950/mo. Plenty of room, big garage. Only bummer is that there aren't any trees in our backyard - we have grass, but no shade to enjoy it in when it's 120 outside..

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Question: What Do You Get For Your Money? Austin
5/13/09 12:00 PM

I have a suggestion for the stairs:

Paint the risers, and everything else white aside from the tread, the posts and the handrail.

The chair rail, crown and baseboards should all go white as well. I would probably paint the hutch, and stain the cabinets darker, like a more espressoy color to bring them into this century. Plus with an englishy libraryish dark velvets, etc theme the dark dark dark kitchen could look really cool.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Painting Wood Trim...Where to Stop?
5/12/09 03:06 PM

zhenpoo, where did you get that? it's fantastic!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Black Toilet Lids
4/24/09 11:47 AM

re: amed studio's comment

Not only would it be expensive, but it would be insanely heavy as well!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Ornament and Yarn Ball Wreath
12/8/08 02:12 PM

I would either a) stain the cabinets darker, like the wood in your living room, b) stain the outer rims of the doors, and replace the middle with frosted glass/etched glass/something not wood, or c) paint them black with silver knobs.

I think the white would be too bright next to your black and stainless appliances, just my opinion.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Should We Paint the Kitchen Cabinets?
12/8/08 02:02 PM

FYI for anyone interested

A free 2 year subscrip to ReadyMade can be found here:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Which Magazines Do You Save AND Go Back To?
10/3/08 02:44 PM

..just curious, what's wrong with fluoride? I thought it was good for your teeth.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Aquaovo's Ovopur Water Filtration
9/17/08 12:41 PM

Agreed, I love that spooky house wall. And I religiously start decorating October 1st for Halloween and EVERY YEAR wish my boyfriend would let me decorate earlier.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Holiday Decorating - How Soon is Too Soon?
9/16/08 02:51 PM

I like this, I might incorporate the idea into my own office, or heck - even my cubicle! :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Patterned Clipboards
8/29/08 08:08 AM

Not really my taste, but something like this would thrill my mom with her 30's style kitchen... :) Cool.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Baking Canisters as Light Fixtures
8/26/08 09:55 AM

I can't think of a single redeeming quality for multiple rugs like this.

And that pattern... my eyes!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Repeating Patterns With Smaller Rugs
8/21/08 08:30 AM

I want to get a chair and a half in my office so I can curl up and read books / make a mini library.

My biggest issue is finding one that is within my price range, with the right arm height - too high and it's not comfy enough, too low and it's hard to curl up properly.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Roundup: Chair And A Half
8/19/08 08:38 AM