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I like the State Service but I think half a million dollars is excessive. It's more than double what Reagan or Clinton spent. The Bushes didn't entertain that much during their eight years in office. And it took so long to make that they never got to use it.

I don't like the Magnolia Residence Service. I think 75 place settings is excessive for "casual" dining in the residence! Who needs that much for everyday dining?!

I can't see Michell Obama buying new State China. Usually that is purchased when enough china gets broken that there isn't enough to accomodate large state dinners, etc. Since the Bush Service is brand new, it's going to be a while. But I can see Michelle buying a new Residence Service - something more kid friendly and indestructable with fewer pieces and place settings.

Apartment Therapy DC | Look! New China for the White House
1/25/09 03:39 AM

While this idea is inspiring, because I'm thinking of moving my DVD storage to a different location, I prefer my DVDs arranged chronologically rather than alphabetically, and the visual familiarity of the spines of the DVD boxes help me locate a particular movie faster. This system of organization might handicap me!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Clear The DVD Clutter
6/30/08 02:19 AM