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I've showed my 75-year-old dad how to text no fewer than 9 times. He keeps claiming that I never showed him. In addition, he asked that I help him buy an iPad. I held his hand through the entire process from the research, to the Apple store, etc. Three days later, he returned the thing claiming the screen was too small. I assured him that the screen was the same size at home as it was in the store. I told him he will have to work with one of my siblings, moving forward.

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4/24/14 12:03 PM

BlueLounge has some lovely cord storage solutions: see the cable box at the link below.

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1/21/14 01:47 PM

I'm originally from Alexandria and this tour makes me absolutely homesick for VA. Gorgeous!

Allyson & Matt's Beautifully Traditional Townhouse House Tour
12/19/13 02:34 PM

Oh my goodness! I went to church with the Novogratz family when I was a kid and through high school. Congratulations on your success!

Apartment Therapy New York | The Newest Novogratz Family House The New York Times
5/7/09 01:01 PM

I had carpet beetles last year - they were all over my closet and in my dresser drawers (gross1) An exterminator came in last year and took care of them and now they seem to be back. I'm heading to the container store for cedar and plastic boxes (i had put all of my stuff in space saver bags but the exterminator said the bugs could eat through those). Has anyone gotten rid of them permanently and do you have any tips??? I'm desperate. Oddly, I've also seen their skins in my bookcase. Do they really like books?

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6/28/08 05:28 AM