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Another option is to use fabric rather than paper. Here's one upbeat yellow to consider,

Anthropologie Wallpaper Look for Less?
Good Questions

8/23/11 01:26 PM

beautiful. i love that the colors have that watercolor feel along with the fine line of pen work.

Color Charts: A Historical Perspective

10/7/10 08:51 PM

I suggest forgoing lawn all together since it doesn't look like there is actually any lawn there now and either go crazy with flowers like the seed bombs available at Anthropologie right now, native plants or huge succulents that will succeed in adding interest and don't need much maintenance or water.

If you haven't visited the blog of the Germinatrix.com, I highly suggest you do. She's a gardening genius from your area with great landscaping ideas.

Your Best Yard Taming Advice | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/13/10 01:08 AM

This list fits me to a t. I do also have lots of dinner plates and silverware so we can have party after party without tossing anything out.

5 Things We Always Have In Bulk No Matter How Small Our Space Is | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/20/10 11:13 AM

I love this idea. I belong to a "Supper Club". We get together about every six weeks and bring dishes based on a theme. This would add even more excitement. I think I'll go for it when it's our turn to host next time!

Throw a Bring Your Own Ingredient Party! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/20/10 11:10 AM

Not strange to me. Mushrooms are amazing. We've had some just in our backyard that have had me amazed. The ones in your photographs are ever better.

ELIN Lichen Inspired Crochet Art | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/19/10 02:04 AM

The handwriting is so beautiful. I've joined the Benevolent Postcard Society, a twelve month project to exchange a postcard with another member once a month. It's so much fun planning what to send and even more fun getting one in the mail.

Apartment Therapy New York | Inspiration Accessories with Postage Roundup
10/14/09 04:48 PM

be sure to check out http://greengoody.blogspot.com/

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The Homies: Best Green Design Blog of 2008? submit your nomination...
12/30/08 01:44 AM

We'd love to be the next big thing! http://twotallgirls.blogspot.com/

Some of our favorites are-
please sir, i suwanee, abbey goes design scouting and oliveaux.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2008? submit your nomination...
12/30/08 01:38 AM

My laptop is one that I love to hate. A 3 year old Dell I'd love to trade in for a Mac. Even still, I'd love to carry it around in this ingenious design.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Acton Manila Pro
6/27/08 01:29 PM

This would be such a great addition to my collection!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT:SF Thursday Giveaway: Vintage Hobnail Vase
6/27/08 01:26 PM