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Thanks for the tips, Tammy. I took a lot of notes! Do you have any advice on what to do if they request "shabby chic"?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Inspiration: Princess Rooms You Can Live With
7/31/09 04:20 PM

Thanks, everyone!

The decals are from a French design company called Domestic (www.domestic.fr).

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Room Tour: Ava's Livable, Lovable Mid-Century Space
7/30/09 11:30 AM

Beautiful place! Great style.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Eric and Christine's Spacious Pad Los Angeles
8/1/08 11:33 PM

Saw it for sale at Room & Board a while back, but it's not on their website anymore.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Can Anyone ID this Chair?#comments
7/31/08 03:05 PM

Actually, she doesn't give away any information at all. Set designers tend to jealously guard their sources. None of the suggestions she makes are for items or stores she actually used for the show, as near as I can tell. It's obvious that the furniture and decor for this set comes from second-hand stores - shops specializing in original mid-century modern furnishings. The casual observer may not know the difference between a new sofa from room and board and an original Florence Knoll or George Nelson sofa, but enough people would. I actually know where she bought most of her furniture for the show, but I'm not telling either :-).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Mad Men Office, Subliminal Dinnerware, Budget Lacquer Combo Letter Holder/Switchplate Slinks for 07.30.08
7/30/08 09:33 PM

I lived in France for years and am married to a Frenchwoman. We generally bring flowers when invited to someone's home, but also frequently bring a bottle of wine. Same for our French friends who visit our home (both in the States and in France). It's not considered rude, although the bottle is usually accompanied by a little "dance" in which the host offers to drink the wine that night with dinner, and the guest who brought the wine insists that it's not necessary and is for a later date.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | International Etiquette: Being A Guest
7/23/08 01:09 PM

We have a Modernica Case Study Bed (which is actually a reproduction of a George Nelson design, by the way) in our daughter's room. It's great, and we used an IKEA mattress on it, which is very comfortable. I agree that they are sturdy, but I didn't think it was that heavy. I was able to lift it and set it up in my daughter's room by myself without any problem. Here's a link for a photo of her bed (and a few quotes by me) in an article at EichlerNetwork. http://www.eichlernetwork.com/spot_modernkids.html

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Platform Beds
7/23/08 12:16 PM

You guys really have done a fantastic job on this place. Congratulations!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Flickr Finds: Midwest Modern Landscaping
7/22/08 11:31 AM

Yes, Arne Jacobsen designed faucets for Vola in 1961, and most of their more recent designs are variations on the same themes and design cues that he established. In this case, the colors are new, of course.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Powder Coated Powder RoomAustralia
7/15/08 06:43 PM

Je suis très content de voir les films de Jacques Demy mentionnés ici - des chefs d'oeuvre pour le décor (ma femme adore les chansons aussi) ! Mais il faut aussi parler des classiques comme Le Quai des Brumes, A Bout du Souffle, Les Enfants du Paradis... Ah oui, et pour le décor, il ne faut pas oublier les autres films de Caro et Jeunet, tel "La Cité des Enfants Perdus" et "Delicatessen".

(Very happy to see the films of Jacques Demy mentioned here - such works of art for the decor (and my wife loves the songs, too)! But we also need to speak about the classics, such as "Le Quai des Brumes", "Breathless", and "Les Enfants du Paradis..." Oh yes, and for the decor, we can't forget the other films of Jeunet and Caro, such as the "City of Lost Children" and "Delicatessen".)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | In Honor of Bastille Day: French Film Still Inspiration
7/14/08 03:46 PM

I agree with lurker. Just get something else that's original but cheaper if you can't afford the authentic stuff. I can't see how anyone can condone knock-offs anymore than they can condone stealing of anything else.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Mixing Authentic Pieces with Knock-Offs?
7/14/08 03:35 PM

Those are Togo chairs by Ligne Roset (or imitations thereof).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Scavenger: Retro Vintage Soft Couches Chairs for $750
7/14/08 07:55 AM

Wow. I'm amazed that Disney could be so out of touch with the rest of the world. It's just a McMansion with gadgets.

Apartment Therapy New York | Disney's New House of the Future The New York Times 7.10.08
7/10/08 10:09 AM

I don't even want it, so there! (trying reverse psychology)

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/10/08 10:04 AM

Never get tired of the classic Unikko Red poppies.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Marimekko... by Color!
7/9/08 03:18 PM

We actually built a special cabinet into our bathroom that holds a cat litter box. It's ventilated with its own airshaft, too. We access it for cleaning by removing a panel from the cabinet in the bathroom, but the cat goes in and out of the space from the other side of the wall, in the hallway. He loves it, although guests who happen to be using the bathroom are sometimes a little freaked out when they hear cat litter scratching coming from inside the cabinet if we forget to tell them.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Cat Litter Boxes Roundup
7/9/08 02:05 PM

It seems to me that this game is hopelessly flawed because it can't take into consideration a lot of local factors, despite it asking where you're located. And it really doesn't do much more than to convey a sense of hopelessness, which isn't very helpful, either.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Survey: How Many Earths Does Your Lifestyle Consume?#comments
7/9/08 02:00 PM

My score was fairly reasonable at around 2 Earths per person (it's all relative), but flying about 200 hours a year for work completely screws up my average.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Survey: How Many Earths Does Your Lifestyle Consume?
7/9/08 12:40 PM

I was going to suggest Grounded as another great garden store in Encinitas, too. I'm in San Diego and go there a lot. By the way, Grounded is not on E street anymore. They moved to the Lumber Yard shopping center down on the 101.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | San Diego Store: Gardenology - Melding Indoor with Outdoor Living
7/9/08 12:26 PM

Thanks, btoddster. Appreciate the comments. That is Korean grass. It's fairly maintenance free, in that I don't have to mow it or anything, and there aren't many weeds. But it does creep so you have to keep it contained, and eventually (about every three years or so) cut it down a bit to let it grow again, so that it doesn't get too thick and lumpy. Nice photos of Hawaii on your site, by the way. I'm from there and they made me homesick!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA House Tour: Elise Darren Modernist Sensibility
7/6/08 03:20 PM