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If you break down the costs hiring movers is not much more expensive than renting a truck and moving your self. Save yourself, and your friends, the pain of moving and hire movers. You can make the move much much less expensive if you follow these three tips since you will be paying by the hour.

1. Be prepared when the movers arrive. Ideally you don't want the movers to do anything but move your stuff. Have EVERYTHING packed, padded, taped up and ready to go. Often movers have more jobs that day, and if you aren't ready when the movers arrive you're slowing down everybody else.

2. Find out any rules your building may have about moving way ahead of time. Take care of any fees, reservations for elevators etc. so you aren't wasting time on moving day.

3. Be nice and not overly demanding, you want your stuff to arrived unharmed. Have some water available, think about how much it sucks when you move your own stuff. TIP unless they were truly terrible. $20 per mover is pretty standard in Chicago, and probably most places.

8 Things To Have On Hand If You Hire Movers
8/3/10 11:03 AM

Thank you for the comments. Here are some answers to questions:

The bed area was in the Room for Color contest, if you search AT you can find a detail of everything in there.

Probably 80% of my furnishings are from IKEA and CB2. CB2 is very much my style but IKEA is more affordable. The rug in the living area and bath are from CB2, as well as the FLOR tiles in the kitchen.

The FLOR tiles are really pretty easy to keep clean in the kitchen. I don't spill many liquids on the floor, and if you do you can pick up the tile and wash it off in the sink. Simple vacuuming keeps the floor pretty clean. You do not want to see the 1970 linoleum hiding underneath.

The accessories in the bath (towels, shower curtain and lacquer wear) are Jonathan Adler.

Small Cool 2010: Matt's Storage Solutions Tiny Division #1 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/5/10 11:25 PM

I was checking my daily apartment therapy, and, holy crap, it's George and Sara's place! Your place is fantastic (having been there) I am quite jealous of the Herman Miller chairs, I thought you would probably notice if I made off with them. Anyways congrats on the AT posting.


George and Sara's Logan Square Lookout House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/31/10 10:21 PM

Hot glue.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Matt's Color of Passion Bedroom Room for Color - North #6
10/14/09 02:31 PM

Answers to questions:

The plastic figures are army men, police, indians, cowboys and firemen; it's my war and peace mural.


Room Divider=CB2

I've thought about curtains but it's a 22' long bank of windows so covering all of them becomes more difficult.

Yes red is incredibly hard to match across different elements, and the paint really isn't as glossy as it photographs.

I've never watched this season of Design Star, I'm not a huge reality TV fan.

I'm working on submitting a house tour so maybe there'll be more sometime soon.

And aZinaM, I am currently seeing someone special, but am flattered by the offer :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Matt's Color of Passion Bedroom Room for Color - North #6
10/9/09 11:38 AM

I got the room divider from CB2. One of my most favorite stores in Chicago.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Matt's Color of Passion Bedroom Room for Color - North #6
10/9/09 09:12 AM

This would be much cooler if it were automated, like a clock. Maybe version 2?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look! The Incredible Camera Lens Calendar
1/28/09 11:41 AM

Aliens that look like Munchichis would be pretty cool. I would play them Golden Brown by the Stranglers.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Acoustic Research AV100b
10/23/08 12:00 PM

I ran into the exact same problem. I found a plain red quilt at target.

While we're on the subject of color... Does anybody know where I can fine Orange towels. Not rust, not mellon but bright caution cone orange. Why are basic colors so hard to find?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Where Can I Find a (real) Red Blanket?
6/27/08 07:00 AM