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I love this! Thank you for the inspiration. I trepidatiously loitered outside the new barre studio yesterday and never went inside. Maybe I'll get another uncoordinated friend to try it out with me.

How to Push Yourself to Try New (& Brave!) Activities Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/14/14 11:23 AM

Love that she's not afraid of color or pattern - it's all so lively and lovely at the same time. I am coveting that Saarinen Exec. Chair in the purple.

Seema's Global Eclectic Rowhouse House Tour
9/2/13 09:26 PM

Totally agree, Home Body - you took the words right out of my mouth. Design TV is usually not educational, it's entertainment. I like Design TV for the drinking games. Any time someone says some cheesy cliche like "wow factor," "make it pop," "focal point," "zen" or "bring the outdoors in" you can take enjoy a guzzlet (sp? I stole that word from Andy Cohen) of your cocktail, or at least laugh with your friends about how the homeowners obviously watch way too much HGTV, while ironically, you sit there watching too much of it yourselves. Over this past weekend a friend and I got a big kick out of how the Property Brothers' hairdos and facial hair changes, from episode to episode and even within the same scene.

I cannot tell you how many times I've noticed a piece of cheap crown molding being nailed up crooked on a house flipping show, which you know looks 10 times as bad in person. Have you ever seen one "art project" on TV you would let within a square mile of your home? Houses tweaked by a show that will remain nameless up the street from me all lost almost all of their "improvements" within the year, to what I assume was weather, poor quality, shoddy workmanship and matters of taste. However, even if it's not very up to date or educational, design tv is HIGHLY entertaining.

Interior Designers: Reality Shows vs. Reality
9/24/12 06:51 PM

Almost anything from Windsor chairs to Emeco navy chairs would go with this table - it's very versatile. In fact, I remember seeing a great post on AT about farmhouse tables and modern chairs sorta kinda recently. I also like the look of metal French cafe chairs from the thirties. While Tolix and Marais models are expensive, there are some cheaper versions out there.

Also IKEA has some great chairs for this table - the INGOLF, KAUSTBY, and STEFAN come to mind.

Chairs To Go with Weathered Wood Table?
Good Questions

2/1/12 05:49 PM

Darn You! Why didn't I think of writing this post! Bravo! ;)

Design Remembrance: The Brady Bunch House
7/14/11 06:30 PM

Wow! That is one of my favorite bathrooms I've seen in a long time, and I look at design at least 8 hours a day :)

Penny & Mark's Charming Family Home
House Tour

4/9/11 09:37 AM

Wow thanks so much for including our blog over at Hatch: The Design Public Blog! We've been looking to AT for inspiration and entertainment since way back in the days when y'all only had one site, based in NYC :)


Best Store Blogs: Inspiration from the Field
4/9/11 09:33 AM

Ew this reminded me of the time I saw a black line from my back patio door through my living room, into the kitchen, up the cabinet and onto a sticky spill on the counter I did not realize was there. Or the time in college we found a black marshmellow under the bed - solid ants!

Battle of the Bugs Part 2
10/20/10 04:00 PM

All of these actually look perfectly staged to me, and they are beautiful. While I like the unstaged staged aesthetic of Todd Selby, looking at a bunch of unmade beds, toilet seats that are up, cords in the way and clutter all around bums me out. If I want to see that, I'll look around my own house! Long live beautiful staging!

Rough Wood: Perfect Antidote For a "Staged" Room
10/20/10 03:56 PM

P.S. If you look carefully at the facade, you'll see that both parts of the "L" that are facing out are almost all outdoor spaces (including an outdoor bathtub actually!), and you can see that the depth of the building is not very deep on either side. It is a very deceiving shot.

The House That LEED Built in Mill Valley

10/1/10 03:05 PM

I had the opportunity to interview the owner/architect of this home awhile back and asked him the same LEED question (by the way, it is platinum LEED certified). Maybe this will answer some of your questions. Also, the first shot makes the home look MUCH larger than it actually is; it works with the hillside and topography:

Wow! I am guessing this house is relatively large, yet you managed to make it Platinum LEED-worthy! Please tell us about some of the details, materials, and systems that make this home sustainable.
"The house is really quite small by custom home standards. It's just 3 BR and 3.5 BA. We didn't want or need a large home. The 3rd bedroom is a guestroom suite and is detached from the main house so we don't really use it unless we have guests and therefore don't use energy to heat, cool, or light it unless we are using it. The house appears to be large from the exterior because of the variety of decks and terraces at all levels. I am writing this from the master terrace which makes the 12x12 master bedroom feel much larger. Efficient design and not building more than you need is very sustainable. From a system perspective we have employed solar hot
water, radiant floor heating, solar electric by Solar City, fresh air intake and exhaust to supplement the many operable exterior doors and windows, natural day lighting, high efficacy lighting in the form of LED and fluorescent, recirculating hot water loop, energy star appliances by Whirlpool, super insulated walls and roofs, super insulated doors and windows that are thermally broken by Fleetwood and Nana, reclaimed exposed roof framing, no VOC interior paint by Mythic, FSC Certified cabinet cores, engineered Walnut flooring, high fly ash content in all concrete, home automation system that controls lighting and sun shades, close proximity to services and public transportation to limit automobile usage, low-flow plumbing fixtures by Kohler, High recycled content in all concrete counters by Concreteworks, High recycled content in the exterior stone, drip irrigation and no lawn. "

As for the comments about LEED, well, it shows we are all getting more sustainable-saavy. We had to start somewhere and LEED certification broke new ground. I don't think many designers would even have tried for green standards if everyone had to live in a shipping container and poop in a composting bin. It is huge that so many designers are striving for this certification now, when 15 years ago not many could be bothered to consider sustainable architecture, or even define what it was.

The House That LEED Built in Mill Valley

10/1/10 12:08 PM

DoctorEcks, what a perfect comment!

I'm all for small spaces, but I'm pretty sure if they did psychological experiments on people living in this space they'd see them decline quickly. It also reminds me of that SuperSize Me McDonald's commercial, where they guy rents "a two-door Speck" and gets the world's tiniest hotel room.

Living in 182 Square Feet in Seattle
The Seattle Times

8/24/10 12:32 PM

I love that the dog is the perfect accessory in that chair. It's like a throw pillow.

Sayeh's Sophisticated Simplicity The Perfect Workspace Contest 2010 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/6/10 11:01 PM

I love that there is a Mr. Bean car in there! And that window is KILLER!

Mix Master: A Modern Kitchen With a Vintage Feel | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/16/10 06:36 PM

Oh my god, this is the funniest commode I've seen since "The Love Toilet" on Saturday Night Live. Hilarious Bling Bling to the ultimate degree!

7 Crazy Colorful Commodes From Jemal Wright | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/16/10 06:25 PM

OK, I know I am responding way late here, and I skimmed everyone else's to make sure this isn't a repeat:

Come in, change into cardigan, and change shoes all while singing "Won't you be my Neighbor?" Then I go check on my creepy boring puppets.

What is Your Homecoming Routine? | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/9/10 07:48 PM

Totally stupid, but I love the way you wrote this post, and I got a total chuckle out of the idea. It's like a Regretsy idea, but on a bigger scale, and doesn't involve a dead pet or vajayjay theme.

Bookcase Bed | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/9/10 07:43 PM

I'm with Lizzy C. Great info, but ikat, while it will last as a great traditional look, went way beyond the tipping point two years ago when it was all over Target and PB.

Weft Wild: The Tale Behind Ikat Retrospect | Apartment Therapy New York
1/9/10 07:36 PM

Totally fun, I esp. love the green Adirondack chairs.

Terry Shawn's Technicolor Dream Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
1/9/10 07:26 PM

This was a total treat. I LOVE Aalto's work so much, and I want that orange poster really really badly!

Studio Aalto: Alvar Aalto's Design Office Studio Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
12/2/09 11:28 AM