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I live in New York and commute every morning with my 19-month old daugher via bus, cab, or subway/bus. I don't know if it's just you plus baby or 2 adults plus baby, but either way, I'd recommend having both a baby carrier and umbrella stroller. Myself, I only use the carrier for commuting, but only because it's just the two of us and I can't manage the bus with baby on the loose, my bag, her bag, and a stroller...

Anyway, being able to strap baby to you on the bus (or even subway if it's crowded) has been a real life-saver for me because it means I still have two hands free to carry whatever else I have with me. I also use the carrier for cabs (I put the seatbelt between me and the carrier and hope for the best - and realize that it's not ideal...). The umbrella stroller is great for longer walks or the zoo as a 16-month old is probably too heavy to carry for several hours at a time.

Another option, depending on the size of your baby and your commitment to cabbing with carseat, would be to have a Graco SafeSeat (or a similar carseat that can accommodate an older baby) on a Snap N'Go. That way you'd have a stroller and carseat in one.

Regarding the car seats and cabs: I've never had a problem flagging down a cab with my daughter in the carrier, but I can imagine you might have problems lugging a larger carseat with you. But I'm sure that totally depends on the cabbie.

Oh and bring a book for the baby. Or a small toy. Even if it only gives you 10 minutes of baby occupation, that may be all you need!

And have fun! New York is a great place to visit, even with a baby. With the Zoos, Children's Museums, and playgrounds everywhere, there really is a lot to do with a small child. Plus, people tend to be really nice and understanding, especially on the bus (I ALWAYS get a seat). I don't know how many people have helped me keep my daughter occupied on the bus, playing peekaboo and whatnot.

Have a great time!

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