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books are a wonderful idea. something classic, and nice to look at, haha.. and someone mentioned wooden teethers. they go together well, and can be saved well beyond their years as "baby items".

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4/7/11 03:45 PM

love your drum poster, and how you used that verse underneath. :) same goes for the rest of the room. i like it. :)

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4/7/11 03:39 PM

my corner neighbor is a bit "off". one evening my husband had left the house with some friends and the kids and i stayed behind. when the weather is nice out we tend to leave the windows open for a nice breeze, even after dark. we close them when we go to bed. anyway, not even ten minutes after hed left, someone knocked at the door. our porch light was out and i wasnt able to see who was at the door, so i asked "who is it" and all i got was grumbling and mumbling. again, i asked who is it as i was trying to keep my 4 year old from peaking out the window.. he did it anyway. after i again got a weird reply i called my next door neighbor and asked him to come outside and check out our house. everything was fine. needless to say, i closed all the windows and turned on all the lights, haha. i asked my son who it was outside, since he had looked out the window. he told me it was a man dressed like batman. :/ okkayy. yeah, i dont answer the door at any time of day or night if its someone im not sure of. besides, strangers coming to my door are few and far between.

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/18/11 06:13 PM

love the kids room. def showing me i CAN fit another child in our two bedroom house..

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1/31/11 03:29 PM

im curious if anyones got the KARLSTAD sofa or love seat from IKEA.. they look sharp, at least to me they do. do they hold up well, are they REAL leather, are they even comfortable? i like their design and price tag. will they stand up to pets and kids just as well as a high end leather sofa would???

Leather Sofas We All Can Love
1/21/11 12:19 AM

we use the moon shaped wall pendant from ikea with a night light bulb. it casts enough light to see well enough in the room, but is still subtle enough that it wont keep your kids awake. we love it.

Do You Use a Night Light?
1/19/11 07:05 PM

oh, and the bed is from west elm. they no longer carry that finish. i think it only comes in a deep chocolate wood and white now. :/

Jeremiah, Mia, and their Room of Talking Toys
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11/22/10 05:47 PM

the shelving is ikeas expedit and the boxes are from targets itso line. :)

the closet holds all the kids clothes. its split two ways, top and bottom, with a couple of rods and shelves with containers for everything thats not on hangers.

thank you for everyones votes and sweet comments!

Jeremiah, Mia, and their Room of Talking Toys
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #65

11/22/10 05:46 PM

robinm, the twin bedding is from dwell studios target line.

luby, the dotted pillow is also from target. ive been seeing it pop up quite a bit in this contest.

wrenx, thank you. :)

Jeremiah, Mia, and their Room of Talking Toys
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #65

11/19/10 12:02 AM

thank you for posting this! finally, after over a year of trying to figure out what sort of grey i was looking for to paint the majority of my living/dining/kitchen. youve reminded me of how much i love the way colors pop against stormy grey clouds... now i just have to go find it on a paint chip, haha.

Storm-Colored Rooms
9/22/10 02:34 PM


Let's Talk Strollers
9/16/10 02:56 PM

three, with two kids. a giant evenflo travel system with all the bells and whistles, a chico unbrella stroller with ive loved and still do, and our current and most used joovy ultralight caboose. i see myself getting a lot of use out of the third, since you can strap on an infant carseat and still have your older kid hitch a ride in the back. by the time i have my next baby, im sure my oldest will be plenty able to walk and not get into too much trouble while the younger ones ride. heres hoping, haha.

Let's Talk Strollers
9/16/10 02:55 PM assuming they called it the donkey because it can haul a load. i mean, even mule sounds better than donkey, haha.

The Bugaboo Donkey
9/15/10 12:17 PM

target also sells a version of this.. though, i like the idea of buying an unfinished bookcase to stain/paint to your taste.

Dollhouse Bookcases

8/25/10 02:48 PM

i love it! so peaceful.. and finally, i see someone else has bought the amy coe crib ive got sitting in my kids room as well. :)

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7/29/10 04:33 PM

amy_f: i have the 2010 joovy ultralight caboose and i LOVE it. its held up well in the few months that weve owned it.. ive got a very rambunctious 3 year old. it does come with a carseat attatchment, and, a very big plus, it has a tall handle bar. :)

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7/23/10 04:11 PM

both of my kids were born in the warmer months of the year and i also live in TX.. double whammy. anyway, because our home only has one heater and i didnt like the idea of using space heaters in a room where only my baby would be sleeping, i bought a couple sleep sacks and about a weeks worth of fleece sleepers. as for day time blankets worked fine, again i live in texas, so theres not really much of a need to bundle up as you would if you lived someplace cooler...

with my first baby i HATED sleepers with zippers because you had to zip them all the way down to get them off. with my second i LOVED them. much easier to change a hungry, screaming baby in the middle of the night when you dont have to worry about getting all the snaps right. :)

Layette Essentials (and Non Essentials) for Fall Babies Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/23/10 04:05 PM

if youve got children, theres such a thing as too low... just sayin. haha!

How Low Can You Go...With Your Art | Apartment Therapy DC
7/23/10 01:27 PM

my kids share a room as well, although our oldest (3) cannot put himself to sleep and prefers to sleep in our bed since the birth of his sister (1). the youngest still wakes occasionally and our son will wake through out the night if he is put to sleep in his own bed. if it werent for slept related issues, their sharing a room would be 100% great. theyre very close and love to play together. does anyone have any advice as far as getting my son to sleep in his own bed... on his own?? haha.

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7/23/10 01:26 PM

those lil chairs are soooo cute.

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7/20/10 01:04 PM