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Ditto on the recommendation to use a La Caja China. Your event sounds like so much fun! I actually work with Tender Greens (locations in California) and they host a whole animal roast using a La Caja China box at their Hollywood location during the summer. They have some great recipe ideas that you could borrow. :)

Chef Eric Hulme slow cooks the pig all day in a La Caja China, pretty easy to use. He'll usually prepares them with a rub and sometimes marinade injections to keep it flavorful and juicy during the cooking process. Here are a few of the preparations and sides he's done:
- Cherry Gastrique
- Eureka Lemon Salsa Verde
- Charred Tomatillo Relish
- Smoke Cherry Compote

I'd be happy to put you directly in touch with him if you'd like to pick his brain. Where do you live? I know a small farmer who raises all natural pigs I can introduce you to. Or if you live in the LA, SD or East Bay Tender Greens could cater it and do all the hard work for you.

Advice for Hosting a Pig Roast?Recipe Questions
4/25/12 07:50 PM

I have this exact table and spent about 2 days figuring out the opposite when I moved - how to push it back together.

To pull apart and take the middle leaf out:
- Look underneath the table and make sure that the locks are unlocked. There are about four that turn on a pivot to lock the two sides together.
- It's a two-person job. Facing each other, grab each end of the table, dig your heels in and pull with steady force. You shouldn't have to yank hard but it takes a bit of strength.
- Once you've pulled it apart you'll see the middle leaf folded inside. Pull it up and unfold.
- Push the two sides of the table back together to fit snugly into the middle leaf.
- Pull down the side boards
- Go underneath the table and flip the locks.

To take middle leaf out and push back together into a four-top square table:
- Unlock the locks underneath the table
- Two-person job - stand facing each other, grab each end of the table and pull apart with steady force. (I tired doing this alone and it didn't work out so well and almost broke the legs.)
- Once the sides are apart you can fold the middle leaf and side boards back down and push the table together again.

Good luck!

Help with Opening Leaf on World Market Loft Table? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/11/10 12:32 PM

Mango teriyaki ribs!

Smash up overripe mangoes until pulpy, mix in some teriyaki sauce, honey, soy sauce, ginger and black pepper. Marinate, then cook in the oven at 350 or on the grill. Careful to not let the honey burn. Continue to spoon/paint the marinade on the ribs as they cook.

Garnish with a few slices of mango! YUM!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Mangos!
6/26/08 04:00 PM