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Yes! Opala Vinho Verde FTW! Such a delightful summer wine. Also, the pale barely-blue bottles make a nice water carafe later.

Great Value Wine Picks from Whole Foods
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1/26/12 06:14 PM

Rainy weekend here in San Francisco, so I spent the afternoon cooking up some ham-less split pea soup! Enlivened with some umami paste a friend gave me. Nom nom.

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Weekend of January 21-22, 2012

1/20/12 07:39 PM

And another reason to stock up on one of the best souvenirs ever-- other people's local honey! My cabinet is full of Swedish, Tasmanian, and even Hawaiian honey! I just adore the variety of taste and texture you find out there. Nom.

Oh, Honey: Why the Honey We Buy in Stores Could be Fake
Food Safety News

11/9/11 01:41 PM

My favorite cider ever is Aspall's from the UK. You can find it on tap there (heaven!), but here I've only found it in (very expensive) bottles from BevMo. That being said, so crisp, dry and refreshing! Goes down just a leeetle too easily.

Put the Beer Aside: Crispin Hard Apple Cider
10/20/11 12:43 PM

The Pepperidge Farm stuff has a chemicaly taste I find which I really dislike. I love the frozen puff pastry from Trader Joes - made with real butter! And pretty cheap.

Make or Buy? Puff Pastry
9/30/11 01:30 PM

Wow. I didn't realize any British people actually drank Twinings. I always figured it was substandard stuff shilled to unsuspecting Americans. For my money, the Earl Grey Classic from Fortnum's is da bomb. For regular black tea, it's Yorkshire Gold for me. Proper "builder's tea", that is.

Twinings Changes Earl Grey Recipe: Tea Lovers Outraged
The Daily Mail UK

8/31/11 03:57 PM

Oh Borough Market! Oh Neal's Yard! Love! First time I went to Neal's Yard I bought one of their tote bags, which I now carry to farmers markets, hoping someone will notice my cheesy street cred :)

On Getting Away: Cheesemonger Travels in England
The Cheesemonger

7/22/11 03:11 PM

This is a great idea. Not too long ago at my own whole foods I heard a perplexed man with a shopping list ask the (male) produce clerk, "What's a cooking apple?", the clerk had no idea.

Care for a Side of Education with Your Groceries?
6/16/11 04:20 PM

In the immortal words of Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there!"....Saturday lunch, here we come!

Why You Should Fry Your Grilled Cheese in Mayonnaise!
4/15/11 02:29 PM

I adore California Coolers! In one old apartment we discovered a tiny birds nest in there (after apparent screen failure), it was kinda sweet thinking you were sharing your kitchen with a bird family. I left mine intact during my recent kitchen renovation. I've been keeping wine, vinegars and oils in there, but I will have to give the veggies a try too.

Old-School Refrigerator: The California Cooler
4/8/11 05:29 PM

....And add item #5273 to the list "Things Californians do not have to think about". Seriously. It never occurred to me that you would have to do this.

Spring Cleaning: How to Remove Salt From Your Shoes

3/31/11 07:24 PM

In my family we had one place setting of "gold" flatware that we got to use on our birthday. Cheap and fun way to make a kid feel like royalty for a day!

Going For Gold: Gold Flatware
11/17/10 02:29 PM

Reminds me of a place I stayed at in Washington state, Lochaerie Resort - it was like going back in time, I loved it

Splendid Summer Cottage on the Isle of Wight
Light Locations

7/28/10 04:57 PM

I got those little ones at Office Max. No nasty logos :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inger's Paper-Covered Clipboard Grocery List Holder
2/10/09 05:34 PM

Love the wallpaper... I think a nice robins-egg blue would look amazing.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Paint Color for Bathroom Window and Door Frame?
10/28/08 12:33 PM

I was just thinking about our lack of carved pumpkins on front porches here in the Bay Area...but with our hot weather this time of year, they turn into curious mold-factories within just a couple days. *sigh* Painting is a much better option.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 23 Pumpkins to Paint and Decorate Better Homes and Gardens
10/23/08 08:32 AM

I have one in my car.. so far, I believe its working!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Our Glass Evil Eye Amulet
10/8/08 12:23 PM

It looks like an electric company's substation. Or a prison.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: A Gray, Modern Exterior! Austin
9/30/08 09:18 AM

I think it's weird that the list above didn't mention just plain old porcelain tile. Classic, versatile, pretty. And best of all? If you choose the right kind it's never going to seem trendy. I shudder to think about how dated all these granite countertops are going to look in 15 years.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: What's Your Kitchen Countertop Preference? The Washington Post, 9.10.08
9/11/08 07:28 AM

Hee Hee! I got a set at the DWR warehouse sale for $5!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Scavenger: Flying Vee Shelves from Design Within Reach for $275/BO San Francisco
9/9/08 08:50 AM