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up early, down early.

up Nov 12th (in Canada, our Thanksgiving is in October) so season can be kicked-off and enJOYed to the fullest with minimal stress, and down Jan 2 before post-festive season feels stale and expired (New Years is about new beginnings and rejuvenated energy afterall)

O Tannenbaum: When Do You Put Up Your Tree?
12/8/11 05:33 PM

Personally I LOVED the recently aired "HGTV Special: The Mix" with Canada's design sweetheart Samantha Pynn.
Thoroughly enjoyed this divine decorating uno-episode, esp her visit with the fantabulous Thom Felicia! HGTV Canada: more please!

Have You Seen HGTV'd?
9/9/11 09:50 PM

an image of mao as a tribute to warhol? really??? what next....??

The Home of Lauren Santo Domingo

1/20/11 11:39 PM

lots of great blogs and site suggestions here. i applaud the plethora of design indulgences found on the internet! i get some of the deserving recommendations, but don't fully understand others. For example, i sincerely can not wrap my head around the success of _desire to inspire_ as a "guilty pleasure". I don't see it as a big-league site especially since it has a "fast food" approach to design blogging: a rehashing website essentially copying & pasteing a collage of designer images - kim and jo take the credit for a blog full of reposted photos. It lacks the substance, content, workmanship and creativity found with so many other design bloggers who invest lots of time posting much more intelligent "meaty" articles full of information, insight, research, imagination and of course, the inspirational photos we all so covet (design sponge is a fitting example). mostly, i - alike many others - dont get the pets on furniture segment... seems like a lazy monday blog filler, especially for a site with two contributors! explain again how a hairless toy chihuahua perched on an eames chair invokes a desire to inspire?

Guilty Pleasure Design Websites
1/20/11 11:34 PM

I'm with the consensus here regarding the offensive response to the mao fixture. undoubtedly, art is supposed to push emotive boundaries and provoke controversy, but not when it is glorifying a part of history that - as an act of evil - caused such heinous destruction to humanity. we can think of countless hypothetical pieces of art that would seriously offend, so why stir up such irrevocable pain and upset? this is an historical symbol of an era of wrath; I decided to show this space to friends of mine who are survivors of mao's terroristic reign and, to no surprise, they gasped in disappointment and disgust as they remembered this heinous vile mass murderer and the reign of complete fear, terror and death he damned on their country, their people. Do we really need to continue to hurt people in the name of (shock) art? Regardless of niche's (et al) softened perspective of mao and his "cultural revolution", no person of this calibre of sin should be immortalized and idolized, warhol-style, high up above us on a focal living room wall, and by choice no less!! sadly, it's quite telling about who this person, Lauren, really is... who we are collectively as we continue to choose to endorse another design "trend" of offensive, immoral and ignorant taste. Where is the universal awareness, the ethical boundaries and moral discretion in design? we all have global responsibilities and important conscientious choices to make in life. Unfortunately, in the name of vogue decor, AT has selfishly chosen, yet again, to completely disregard any concern for other peoples' feelings and emotions, by posting and sharing this controversial space containing an appalling symbol of unspeakable crime, hate and evil.

The Home of Lauren Santo Domingo

1/19/11 12:02 PM

practice kind design and use faux fur only please.

The Coziness Factor: A Flair for Fur
11/24/10 03:34 PM

Chic bachelor pad. Great job Canada!!

Garret's Distillery District Digs
House Call

11/5/10 08:59 PM

tremendous mod-divine indeed. but the drawings... that's my only complaint really! lol ;

Benjamin's Finely-Feathered New York Nest
House Tour

11/4/10 05:44 PM

ya vancouver girl!! bc beautiful and serene. good job! :)

Jenn's "Serenity" Bedroom
10/19/10 05:01 PM

Very Amy Butler. Oh la la.

Suzanne's "Bohemian" Bedroom
10/18/10 07:36 PM

gorgeous and classy. c to the anada! grade eh all the way!!

Tim's "Yellow, Grey, Blue" Living Room
10/18/10 07:30 PM

straight out of an Ikea catalogue!

Laurie's East Village Home
House Call

10/7/10 06:15 PM

I side with the Canadian magazines: very simply, they have the best shelter design selection. Canadians innately know style. Maybe it's the remarkable landscapes and inspiring seasons, who knows, but they got it.

What Is Your Go To Foreign Shelter Magazine? | Apartment Therapy DC
4/28/10 03:26 PM

Oh Ah Canada! Welcome to the True North Strong & Free... also known as the "Eh Team"!
Great post! You need more of these. Perhaps a weekly AT "international" post can be devoted to a different alternating country - this would broaden your fanbase and allow coverage outside of the good ole US of A. Starting with Canada of course - or very simply, commit a single post to Canadian content once a week (like "Canuck Wednesdays" or something covering different cities, store profiles, house tours etc). Look up please, afterall we are on top for a reason! ;)
btw (@david)~
_Canadian House & Home_ is a fantastic Canuckle shelter mag - reference the digital magazine on the website to peruse the insightful articles and view all the inspiring eyecandy
_Style at Home_ is another fabulous Canadian magazine.

PS - I also support the AT Canada petition... please and thank you!

10 Great Canadian Small Spaces | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/27/10 12:31 AM

Kawasaki drill set surprisingly (from Costco of all places) has lasted my husband years... and he is more than a DIYer! ;)

Know Your Tools: Power Drills WoodWise | Apartment Therapy New York
4/27/10 12:17 AM

They are all winners...

Who Do You Think Will Win Small Cool This Year? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/27/10 12:15 AM

i want to see more of the space. =)

Small Cool 2010: Samantha Jacob's 'More Stuff Than Most' Small Division #29 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/24/10 06:03 PM

one of my favs. simply gorgeous. =)

Small Cool 2010: Dan's Downtown Denver Tiny Division #33 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/24/10 06:01 PM

Yes I agree with above- I too am voting reluctant as I need/want to see the whole space! Show it off in a house tour!

Small Cool 2010: Todd's Handmade Home Tiny Division # 38 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/24/10 05:52 PM

wow, idaladala. obviously you are one who absorbs peoples' energy! that's a heck of alot of words! relax. don't sweat it - it's going to be ok, and it's no really no big deal!
we are all entitled to the right to express our opinions, afterall we live in a free country, correct? well, canada is anyway. =)

Maxwell's Picks: Top Small Cool Entries Small Cool 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/22/10 04:36 PM