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Hi - what type of plastic child's tub chair is shown in the first photo? I want those. Where might I find them? Thanks.

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12/4/12 12:29 PM

Cute room! Where did you get the adorable mobile above the crib?

My Room: Jack
Highland Falls, NY

11/7/11 11:32 PM

Great idea! Where can you buy these types of containers?

Lucas Mongiello Displays Vintage Toys With Style
7/18/11 01:41 PM

Just got a bunch of wine from Italy. Would love to let it breathe!

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12/5/10 01:50 PM

Yes, please.

Win This Humanair Air Purifier from Humanscale!
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12/5/10 01:49 PM

My first thought was RED actually... I think red will definitely compliment the color of the walls. Your home looks beautiful, by the way.

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10/28/08 05:27 AM

That is the cutest dog ever. What breed is she? I want one!

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10/28/08 05:09 AM

If all else fails, you can have the tub re-glazed. It costs around $200-400 and will look brand new when finished.

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10/20/08 05:45 AM

It's good to have vitamins on hand for when you feel the onset of a cold to help minimize symptoms: Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinachea, Garlic, Airborne, Throat Coat tea, etc. I also keep sore throat losenges like Ricola handy, along with Tylenol, Advil, a cough suppressant, Benadryl (decongestant), peppermint ginger tablets (or Pepto Bismol), band aids, Ace bandages, rubbing alcohol, Neosporin/vitamin E oil (to help cuts heal faster).

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8/28/08 11:36 AM