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i know that sharing space upon first entering college is a real shock to alot of people, but this is a little extreme. One, from a money perspective (you're only going to be there 9 months max), an eco-perspective (you're only going to be there 9 months max), and the fire safety issues. It's not about being uptight or creative, this is a fire hazard. As a previous RA who had to check rooms when fire drills were going on, this is only one more impediment to us knowing if everyone is really out of the room in the case of an actual emergency. And it cuts down on noise? so does that mean you're 60% less likely to hear a fire alarm? I'm guessing there's still only 1 door to enter/exit the room, so there's still no real privacy if someone needs to leave their specific area. I've lived with complete strangers and good friends, and really, if you need privacy in these situations, you're just going to have go somewhere else. Period. You (or your parents) do not need to pay a huge fee (which will come, trust me) your construction fees just because you want a bit more privacy. And I also guarantee that this will not be taken down in the manner that you want it to be. It will be building maintenance, security, or your RA during one of your school breaks who has to do "room sweeps" before they leave for their holiday breaks (will be in a rush to get out of there!). I do feel bad for students in tight spaces, but it's just something you have to learn to deal with. And not to be too cheesy, but you might make some of the best friends of your life if you just take down those walls!

Apartment Therapy Boston | How To: Build a DIY Wall / Door in Your Shared Dorm Room!
9/11/09 05:57 PM

As a design exercise, I think this is great. I've often wanted to do this with book covers for books that I've read. However, selling them would come with it's own bag of problems. Can't we just design for fun? Maybe Logan just saw this exercise as something to get the creative juices flowing. Does it have to be about making money?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Logan Walter's Wu Note Project
8/26/09 11:20 AM

my nightmare swap would be someone with brass/glass 80's furniture, peach walls, tons of knick-knacks and about 10 cats (because that cat hair would be part of the decor at that point :) and probably animal prints in the bathroom w/ a furry toilet cover. ha! fun to think about...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Your Nightmare "House Swap"?
7/29/09 06:26 PM

Yes, reading material in the bathroom is a touchy subject. I don't mind it, while my boyfriend is in the club that finds it tacky. I've come up with a compromise of using a step stool in the bathroom (we have a tall, clawfoot tub/shower that may be hard for some of our shorter houseguests to step into, so it's dual-use). Since we don't use the step stool often, the reading material sits within reaching distance of the toilet, but stays nice, hidden, and dry.

The item that I purchased was from Target in the kids section. I have the stool in white and I've added some white "no-slip" strips to the top to make it bathroom safe. The picture doesn't do a great job of showing it, but the top step flips open to reveal a nice, little storage nook, big enough for a few magazines, a book, or secret feminine items ;)


Apartment Therapy Boston | Using Curtain Wire for Magazines!
7/27/09 03:49 PM

I agree. If you have the luxury of time, it's best to view a place morning, during the day/early evening, and at late night, and if possible, during a weekday/weekend. After getting into our current apartment, we've realized that a rock band practices in the house across the street (in a very prim and proper looking house, nonetheless---appearances can be so deceiving!) almost every other night from 6pm-8:30pm. You can hear it from down the block. I know this is probably the most considerate time to be making alot of time, but still....Thankfully, we cannot hear them since we're on the back of the house and across the street. But if we'd taken an apartment next door, we'd probably be pretty upset!

Also, as a runner, I like to do the "running test" for any possible apartment. If (as a young lady), I do not feel comfortable running alone through the neighborhood during the dusk/early evening hours, it's a no-go! Walking/running around a neighborhood also gives you a better sense for the noises, neighbors, and overall feel for the neighborhood. Getting yourself out of the "security" of your car can change your perspective.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Apartment Hunting: Do A Night Time Drive-By
6/17/09 02:01 PM

If you're even considering changing the locks, chances are you should change the locks. As everyone else has said above, for the sole reason that you will have peace of mind. I had my apt lock changed at 9pm one night and it was only about $200 (after some apt worker had stolen things from our apartment--not using a key, though, but after being let in my my landlord. nice, right?) So I'm assuming that at a normal hour it would cost less. I knew that the person who stole things from us didn't have a key, or the guts to actually break-in, but when I got to thinking about all the people who could possibly have a key to our place (past tenants, workers, etc), I realized that I wouldn't relax until we had a new lock. If you're handy and have the time, you should be able to do this yourself. Otherwise, a locksmith can do this in under a half hour. Call around and get some prices and that might help you decide. Sounds like you should definitely change your condo door's lock(s). As far as the entry door, I would discuss this with your neighbors before you do it and if you really feel that this door's lock also needs to be replaced, you might offer to cover the cost of the lock and their replacement keys. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: New Locks After Bad Breakup?
5/12/09 11:26 AM

I like him as a door stop! You could also have a little fun with it and have him "hiding" somewhere only to be revealed when you close or open a door. Or have him peak out a bit behind another piece of furniture. I don't know if he's my style, but i appreciate his quirkiness! And anything that makes you giggle at the end of a long day is worth it, right?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Incorporating Something New Into Your Home
5/1/09 04:00 PM

i'm sorry, barbara. I strongly disagree with the idea of just "doing away" with somethings without the person's knowledge. While this can be effective for an 8 year-old, it does (as you acknowledged) seem to be disrespectful for a grown adult. It also does not address the problem in any real way, and makes the husband a person who has to perform "covert operations" in his own house to get rid of the stuff. That is no way to live! The poor guy. It would also only breed more anger/resentment between the couple, especially if the wife was to find out this was happening.

This situation, as many have said, should be discussed between him and his wife, with a counselor. This is a long-ingrained behavior that is not going to be resolved with one heartfelt conversation. Good luck to you, Dave.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Help! Fighting Over Spouse's Stuff
4/28/09 11:11 AM

I totally agree. I just went through the same thing. I moved to a new apartment about 6 months ago, which required a lot of pre-moving purging and donating. After settling in and trying to find a place for everything, I've gone back into my tiny closets to see if I could improve their organization and capacity and have found that it is so much easier to get rid of some items. I figure that if it's been buried for 6 months and I haven't missed it then maybe it's time to say goodbye!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT On... The Organizing Process
3/19/09 01:33 PM

As a Chicagoan (and a frequent digger-outer of my car), I find the practice of leaving furniture to save you space as tacky and rude. The streets are public space. Digging out your car and then later having to park in a lumpy, snow-filled space is just one of the facts of having to park on the street. I don't understand how people feel entitled to a space just because they spend 30 minutes digging out their car. You should just consider it a public service if you're cleaning out the spot. Seriously.

It's difficult enough to find parking in the city, add to that the space that snow takes up and all of the bad parking jobs and parking spaces are at even more of a premium and then you go and block one off for a whole day while you're gone?

I don't find this to be a "funny quirk" or a "fun tradition" of cold-weather towns, I find it embarrassing, tacky and rude.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 02:10 PM

Oh my gosh! That was the stove in my house growing up in the 80's! I had totally forgotten about it until I saw that first picture. I had no idea our house was so retro cool :) I remember we'd have to let it cool before we "put it away" and how my mom was constantly tell us to "stop playing with the stove!" Ha! Thank you for the flash-back!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: A Secret Stovetop
9/10/08 07:29 AM

Oh! I have those exact tiles and that exact problem in the old apartment that i just moved into! I've tried something similar to the "grout colourant" it's like a "tile renewer" or something similar...it made both the tile and the grout nice and white and fairly uniform. It's a little time consuming and hard on the knees so I've only done sections of the bathroom so far, but it's worked better than scrubbing with bleach and other cleaners.

Does anyone know where I can get similar replacement tiles? I have approx 6 tiles missing (same white hexagon shape as shown in post image) and it makes me crazy! thanks and happy cleaning! :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Tips for Cleaning Tile Grout? Chicago
9/8/08 11:59 AM

Yes, what a cute apartment! It may not be the most unique architecturally, but you've done a great job with what you've got! As a fellow gal who has just moved in with her bf (1 month ago!) my advice is also to edit, edit, edit. Both you AND your boyfriend need to take an honest look at all of your stuff and decide what you really need and what you'll actually use.
If your boyfriend has lived on his own for a few years, you are also going to have a lot of "redundancies" when you combine households, especially in the kitchen (take it from me! you would never believe how attached we all get to our pots and pans :) So take an honest look at every room in the apartment and try to donate/sell of as much of your stuff as possible before the move-in.

My suggestions may mimic a few of the suggestions above:
• evaluate the closets with an eye for maximizing this space (vertical space is our friend!). Target has some great (affordable) metal shelves that I've had in my closets for a few years now. I put non-everyday kitchen items, linens, extra tp and paper towels, you get the picture...and best of all, they're stackable, so you can build up. These aren't exactly the shelves that I have, but something like it: http://www.target.com/Whitmor-Supreme-4-Tier-Shelving/dp/B0007MHD1K/ref=bxgy_cc_img_b_1041784/602-4827694-0790255

• Purchase an armoire for more closet space. This is obviously a bigger purchase, but without it, my boyfriend would not have a clothes closet. We moved into a decent-sized vintage apartment with (gasp) ONE closet (something about older houses being taxed per room and closets were considered a "room"?) Seriously. And even my minimal clothes have to fit in, so this way, we can put the armoire in another room (our bedroom is also tiny!) and he can store a majority of his clothes there. And bonus: It just looks like a nice piece of furniture. I believe my bf got his at Ikea.

• Underbed storage! Again, Target has some plastic bins for $8 each. I just throw some cedar chips in there and switch out my dresser/closet clothes when the weather changes.

• Baskets. And I used to make fun of my mom for all the baskets she bought. But forced to find storage wherever possible you may just begin to love a nice lidded basket. These can sit around or stack in the living room, under the desk, in the bathroom. I've got guest linens, extra toiletries, desk supplies, craft stuff and more in these. I like to go to my local tjmaxx and home goods stores for these since they can be pricier. Ikea also has some cute, affordable ones.

• Use those walls! We've got a pot rack, a magnetic knife rack, small shelves for our phones, hooks for the keys...and this is just in the kitchen. Have we all emphasized vertical space enough? :)

These should all give you a good start. Best of luck in living with your boyfriend. There will always be challenges and those moments of thinking each other is slightly crazy, but know that in the end you love each other and that all that apartment stuff and the possessions are just stuff! You'll find a place for it all. Your place looks so neat and organized right now, so I'm sure you've got "the touch"! Cheers!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Handle Boyfriend Moving into My Small Space? Chicago
9/5/08 08:02 AM

i think people should just put things in their home that make them happy and that make them smile. period. who cares if it's high style, art or an artifact? everything in your home doesn't have to be so perfect, labored or have meaning. would i keep this up on my wall forever? no. would i have it up for awhile to interject some fun and spontaneity into my home? for sure.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: Scrap Canvas Board
8/29/08 07:03 AM

i just starting shaking my head and saying "no. no. no. no!" Please don't paint this beautiful space! And I am a huge fan of "pristine whiteness" and contrasts, but that aesthetic just runs counter to the awesome vibe of your place as it is now. You have texture and color that so many people would die for. Have you considered alternate white wall hangings/coverings that are slightly more temporary than painting over that gorgeous brick? I don't have an idea off the top of my head, but maybe there's some way to have a few slick, modern white walls and still not let a drop of paint touch that brick? As a fellow Chicagoan, I worry less about all the white feeling institutional than I worry about how blindingly bright an all white apartment would be on a snowy sunny day! You might seriously go blind :) Good luck in your decision. Try not to break everyone's hearts!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Should We Paint the Brick and Timber?
8/28/08 02:59 PM

Free sailfish! :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Genifer Goodman Sohr's New Home
8/21/08 11:36 AM

i am also sad that apartment therapy has this inhumane practice posted on their site...this is cruelty to dogs. Dogs form quick emotional attachments and need stable environments. this is a disgusting practice and i hope that there are enough people who speak up to stop it.

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7/23/08 02:34 PM

red! red! red! love it!

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7/10/08 09:34 AM

eeeeekkkk!!! So freakin' precious! it must be mine! :)

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