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is there a coding error? i'm positive the second designer is inga hempe but it kicks me back.

The Biggest Names in European Design
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5/1/12 02:57 PM

I always thought it was pretty awesome of Lindsey Adelman to post instructions on how to make a version of her chandeliers and Brick House did a great job, even with modifications.

5 Bright Ideas for DIY Chandeliers Round Up
10/4/11 12:53 PM

California folks: hire a real estate attorney. The expense is worth it.

What Advice Would You Give to First-Time Homebuyers?
10/3/11 07:57 PM

i know i'm late to the comment party, but i'm pretty sure the cabinets, sink and countertop are ikea. i also have the domsjo sink single bowl sink - a bargain farmhouse for under $200.

the countertops, i'm assuming are ikea numerar butcher block:

Ali's Kitschy Yet Organized $1400 Kitchen Remodel
8/19/11 08:29 PM

I closed on my first house (a 2 unit property in L.A.'s Silverlake neighborhood) in April and it was the most emotional experience of my life and has continued to be a very difficult experience in dealing with the tenants in the guest house.

1. The seller ordered two termite inspections and only showed me the one with the more expensive estimate for section I repairs (about $8k) before the inspection period ended. Weeks later, escrow gave me a completely different inspection report with the termite completion report to sign before closing that said that only $3k worth of termite repairs were necessary and that the subarea of one of the units was inaccessible, despite the fact that 4 other inspectors were able to access that area through the crawlspace opening. When confronted with this information, the seller refused to let me reinspect with a company of my own choosing and had the cheaper estimate company reinspect (despite the fact that the termite addendum in the contract states that this is my right as purchaser). They claimed that there was no termite damage area in the subarea and refused to amend their report. I consulted several lawyers who basically asked if it was worth canceling the purchase over $5k and said that I could go to small claims court to recover those costs.

2. Even after we were under contract, the seller relisted the property as active (changing it from "sale pending," which is contract violation).

3. Lastly, I was aware of the rent control ordinance in the city of Los Angeles and aware of the risks I had in inheriting the tenants from the previous owner. However, I assumed that the tenant was in good standing with the previous owner, considering the fact that she and her adult son had lived there for over 10 years. What I should have done is asked for copies of bank deposits and statements indicating that rent had been paid in a timely manner over the last 12 months. Had I done that, I may have avoided the 3 month eviction nightmare that I experienced when the first month of rent was not paid within 2 weeks of taking possession of the property.

Other lessons learned:

People talk about how important a good agent is but underestimate or perhaps overlook the importance of having a good loan officer on your side. My guy did everything in his power to protect me from additional fees and get me qualified with the best loan possible. I had spoken with others who were good, but this guy went above and beyond.

I hate that I feel this way now, but I've learned to expect the worst out of people. The seller I dealt with behaved in ways that violated real estate contracts and was unapologetic about it. He was a commercial real estate agent and used every bit of knowledge he had to get away with as much as he could to maximize profit on the house he had inherited. He had no interest in being fair or fulfill his responsibilities as a seller if it interfered with his bottom line.

Get a lawyer. I would never have thought this a few months ago, but California puts all of its buyers and sellers at a disservice by not requiring a lawyer to be involved in every home sale. It's a very freewheeling market and I truly believe that no matter how good your inspector, agent, lender or seller is, you need a lawyer on your side who will protect your interests and has the experience to anticipate the worst. My agent told me that my escrow was the worst she had ever experienced in 10 years in the business, and there's just no way to anticipate that until you're in the middle of it.

The Emotional Business of Buying a Home
8/11/11 02:20 PM

clicking on the photographer link yielded this:

Neat & Beautiful Studio Apartments
Organization Inspiration

1/4/11 03:37 PM

@lizolson11 i'm positive that the 4th place was featured on a tour here on AT.

Neat & Beautiful Studio Apartments
Organization Inspiration

1/4/11 03:35 PM

I live in Los Angeles and last year I was told about The trees are pricey in comparison to cut trees, but they keep the trees potted and allow you to return the trees for replanting after Christmas is over. If one has the means, it seems like a nice way to sustainably have a real Christmas tree.

Artificial Tree vs. Real Tree: Pros and Cons
12/2/10 12:44 PM

I've been very frustrated by a short USB cable that keeps the closet door from opening when plugged in. I almost caved and bought a wireless printing, but the Airport Express is a much more sensible, cost effective solution. Thanks for the thoughtful write up!

How To Set Up the Dining Table for Desk Duty
11/3/10 06:15 PM

i wish these weren't etched, but what a bargain!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Something Similar to these Lamps?
1/22/09 03:08 PM

sunday morning, look at what's in the fridge and pantry and coming up with 2 easy meals to make with what's on hand later in the week.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: "The Expert's Guide to Doing Things Faster"
10/31/08 10:38 AM

so, this isn't a duvet, or pintucked, but does have some nice texture.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Other Sculptural Duvets?
10/17/08 08:39 PM

i'm not too bad: tv, vcr, dvd, cable dvr, lamp, dsl, but does that mean i deserve the cablebox less?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd's Thursday Giveaway: Bluelounge CableBox
7/26/08 11:14 PM

i'm feeling nautical, so something related to ships on the open sea.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: VTech LS6117 DECT Cordless Phone
6/26/08 12:43 PM

please let my 12" powerbook live in that awesomeness.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Acton Manila Pro
6/26/08 12:38 PM