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Miele, aboslutely. I replaced my exhausted Hoover Wind Tunnel with a Miele Olympus (an entry-level Miele @ about $300) and entered a whole new world. The suction, the quality of construction, its flexibility of movement--the thing is amazing. A friend of mine has a Dyson which seems clunky and unable to get into corners, furniture, on top of doorways. I totally love my Miele!

Reader Roundup: The Best Vacuum?
1/23/12 11:34 PM

"Cover up the boob?" I didn't know middle schoolers read AT. The hostess looks great and her guests look like they're having fun. Sure, fun is "self indulgent," as are parties in general---thank goodness!

Laura Throws a Shower Shower | Apartment Therapy New York
3/19/10 09:44 PM

Beautiful bathrooms--thank you!

10 Great Bathrooms from San Francisco House Tours Roundup | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/9/10 04:09 PM

Just checked out her blog, which has a few instructional videos including one on how to paint a room that I wish I had seen long ago, before doing a lot of room-painting!

Marie's Home Improvement Guide Book Review | Apartment Therapy DC
2/26/10 05:06 PM

Cute and clever!

Flickr Finds: DIY Pot Rack Spices Up Tiny Kitchen | Apartment Therapy DC
1/12/10 04:51 PM

Very exciting! Ikea's textiles just get better and better.

New IKEA Textile Designs for Spring | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/4/10 11:41 AM

Baking soda vinegar *kills* bacteria---great for weekly cleaning in the bathroom and for getting to work on mildew.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: Green Clean the Mold/Mildew in My Shower?
6/26/08 12:16 PM

A beautiful pillow which would go perfectly in the bedroom of my soon-to-be single mom pad.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Judy Ross' Seeds Pillow
6/26/08 12:11 PM