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Does anyone EVER submit anything here that no one bitches about? Ever?

Before & After: Ben's One-of-a-Kind Wallpapered Dresser
3/15/11 03:09 PM

I just bought my first duvet last month. I went to TJMaxx to buy a bed set, and found the same thing in a duvet for half the price! ($50!) I just threw my old comforter in there and called it a day. It makes sense, they take up less space and I have the whim to change my bed every year or so.

Budget & Design Friendly Duvet Covers For Under $100
3/10/11 11:54 AM

When I was in college, we had an ant problem, but couldn't figure out where they were coming from. no window trails, nothing, just random ants walking all over our counter tops. Well, one day I was cloroxing away and picked up the answering machine to clean under it and ANTS WENT EVERYWHERE. They'd made a nest. In my answering machine. So now I had 17 billion ants all over the counters, plus a lovely bunch of larva that had been living under the machine. After much screaming and freaking out, I decided to use Aquanet to kill all of them. I bagged up the machine and tossed it, then used clorox wipes to clean up the dead, sticky ants that were every where.

But at least we didn't have ants any more.

And besides my ridiculous story, I don't think I vacuum an hour a YEAR let alone a week, so I could probably use a vacuum that actually works so I'd do it. Thanks (:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: Eureka envirovac
7/11/08 09:27 AM