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Geez, I actually prefer formica to, say, granite (ugly and comically aspirational). I'm looking for a new apartment now in Chicago--the "douchebag factor" in Lincoln Park has become intolerable--and I cringe when I see a listing for a vintage building that proudly boasts of a "gut rehab" because I know it probably means that anything charming or interesting about the place has been sucked out and replaced with the "Home Depot Special": granite, dark 42" cabinets, slate in the bathroom. Yuck. Give me something old and a little different.

In reality, most of the dealbreakers that I have can be pushed aside by the sheer dumb awesomeness of a place. Two-bedroom unit in a beautiful old three flat with sun porch and balcony and original woodwork/layout and walk-in pantry, up the street from a cool coffee shop, but no parking? I can always rent a garage. Some things I don't like, though: electric range, too close to the el/too far from the el, open floor plans, not enough light.

One bad thing that's new since the last time I was apartment hunting: renting from a strapped condo owner struggling to make his/her mortgage. You can recognize the type by the sweaty upper lip and haunted eyes. Overpaying to rent a place that may go into foreclosure or short sale is the ultimate dealbreaker for me. Also, an HOA composed of a dozen or so absentee landlords is a recipe for decay and disrepair.

The thousands and thousands of old apartment buildings that stupidly "went condo" over the past several years will eventually find their way back to single ownership, but it may take decades. Until then, beware.

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6/25/08 07:07 PM