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as weird as it sounds, Target carries some decent orechiette, it's the 'archer farms' target-brand, and it's probably the best version i've found

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10/6/08 10:30 AM

i have iced coffee every morning, too - i bring mine in a jar. if you need the straw you can just punch a hole in the top, or a little sip-hole if you like to swig.

i find that when i go get my coffee at the coffee shop it's a great conversation starter, and people seem really into the DIY factor of it.

biodegradable cups are great and all for when you are out and about and want to pick something up, but they should be for the stores that actually are selling products. you should have the presence of mind to bring something that you don't have to throw away after you've only used it once - even if it is 'green'.

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8/29/08 12:32 PM

like josie said, there are some great sites where you can exchange homes with other people/families for vacations.

of course, it all depends on whether you want to go where they live and they want to visit where you live, but if you live in a fun city, it shouldn't be a problem!

http://www.homeexchange.com/ has a really convenient reverse-search feature.

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7/21/08 03:14 PM

This seems like a pretty silly idea - they are so expensive, and not sustainable at all.

Disposables should be used sparingly, and to spend so much money on something that you are going to throw away (or others will throw away) is irresponsible.

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6/24/08 02:52 PM